About Vanessa Wolosz

Vanessa Wolosz is an extremely chill person who has expertise in everything cool.  Currently, she's a college junior, studying English and Comparative Literature (an incredibly useful degree which she doesn't regret pursuing at all).  In her spare time, Vanessa listens to mediocre indie music and over-analyzes texts from boys who are not interested in her.  She has a few goals in life: to visit every permanent museum in Manhattan, to stay overnight in every state in the US of A, and to read every book on the list she has taped to her wall.  This list currently has 112 entries.  Primarily, Vanessa's writing experience lies in art and media, sustainability, and social issues, as well as anything striking and wonderful.  Watch as she makes a fool of herself in real-time by following her Instagram (@nesssssssssssssssssssssssss).

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