About Sarah Showfety

Hello! I'm Sarah Showfety and I'm a life coach specializing in career and relationships. I support people to get out of their own way so they can achieve the goals and create the lives they dream about, with power, speed and compassion.

I know what it's like to feel stuck. For a long time I bounced from one unfulfilling short-term relationship to another, wondering what I was doing wrong. I shelved my true passions and worked unsatisfying jobs, disconnected from my purpose. It was only through the power of coaching, and my own process of self-examination, that I was able to break through my doubts and fears, pursue a career that excited me and find love.

As a coach, I've been trained to uncover the limiting beliefs and perceptions driving the behaviors that stop you from realizing your potential. In a space of supportive, non-judgmental listening, I offer targeted, powerful questioning and reflection of patterns and internal conversations so ingrained you may not even notice them yourself.

When partnered with me, you gain a forever altered perspective on who you are, who you can be and what you can accomplish.

The work I do is about forward movement. Together, we co-design clear goals and a plan of action, so that you will leave our sessions not only with a transformed sense of yourself and your possibility, but also with specific, measurable results towards that new venture or amazing relationship.

So if you feel stuck, need a boost, crave an escape from your sabotaging dating patterns or the courage to pursue your dream, I'd love to help you generate your life by design, according to your unique specifications! Please contact me for a complimentary consultation. www.sarahshowfety.com

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