About Rebecca Clare

My expertise comes from the school of hard knocks, a great psychologist, dozens of self-help books, hundreds of TED talks, and thousands of articles. What the Universe needed me to learn so I could share the pain and the recovery with you was: adultery, anxiety, depression, open marriages, love, sex, relationships, marriage, dating, addiction, but most importantly, healing, strength and transformation.

About three years I got dragged, kicking and screaming, onto a "Hero's Journey" as I watched my life fall apart, bit by bit, but rather quickly.  I have spent the last three years tending my wounds from a diagnosed nervous breakdown, an early retirement from my soul-crushing job, and then a multi-layered marriage betrayal. How? By learning to be my own guru,  although I am always open and seeking teachers and mentors. I have practiced meditation, employed the art of journaling and blogging, utilized tricks and hacks for my brain, and traveled extensively, all searching for ways to create a happy and whole self.

I feel a great responsibility to share what I have learned with others. I can't let all this knowledge I have accumulated go to waste can I? I also need to normalize my life's experiences; I need to know that I am not alone, and I need you to know that you are not alone. I need to mentor and inspire others who are on their knees to get through their version of the Hero's Journey.

My greatest source of strength and inspiration is my son, now a young adult. I also love Zumba, travelling, chocolate, walks in nature, reading, and learning. I am heading back to school in the fall to get a degree, finally!


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