About ME

I'm a southern girl without an accent...living in Tennessee right now...recently relocated from Seattle (culture shock!). I have a cat named Sprocket (named after Toad the Wet Sprocket) and a dog named Sadie (named from the Beatles song)...So, my musical heroes should be quite apparent now. I'm a freelance writer with many projects in the wings, including a series of E-Books: How To Guides for every woman's life. I'll keep you posted on when they are available.
You can find more articles written by me on Helium and E-How...Check My Links below.
I'm also a singer/songwriter and I just recorded my first solo CD...you can listen to the songs on my MySpace page. Once again, check My Links below.
I love to create and I love even more to hear from the people who appreciate the creations.
Be well,