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I offer a unique perspective to young couples dealing with the craziness of marriage and the earlier years of family life.

I too am living and loving the crazy life of a husband and father with all of the demands that come with it.  I understand it’s a very real struggle to find time to devote to improving your married life.  I know how it feels to juggle to even keep up with the everyday requirements that we face as couples in those first 5-10 years of our marriage.

I know it’s hard to be proactive and take a stand for the health of your relationship and your family.  But I also know that it’s totally worth it!

That’s why I created Engaged Marriage as a source of information and motivation for those that want something more from life and agree that our most important relationships shouldn’t be mired in mediocrity.  

I encourage you to visit the site, sign up for free updates and check out the Marriage Time newsletter to become part of a thriving community that is working together to improve everything from their spirituality to their sex lives.  

I also created a fun, powerful and FREE e-course called Marriage Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Romance for Insanely Busy Couples.  If you think that's something that would interest you, please click on the link and get signed up to join the fun!

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