5 Signs You Have A Strong Personality (But Are Also Super-Sensitive)

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Being a strong and sensitive person may seem contradictory when you think about it. How can you stand up for yourself and others if you get shy every time someone is looking at you? Being strong isn't always about being the loudest or the biggest person in the room. 

It's about how you treat others and how you look at life. Someone who is sensitive and strong may not always know what to say at the right time, but they'll always be a shoulder for you to cry on and someone who listens.

But a combination of such personalities makes you a sharp person who is also in tune with their feelings and emotions. In short, you are at an advantage when it comes to dealing with everyday life.

What is a strong personality type? As a strong person, you can take anything that life throws at you and pair that with a dose of sensitivity, which makes you more sympathetic to those around you.

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Here are five signs you have a strong personality type, but are still sensitive, because, yes, it's completely possible. Are you one of these people?

1. You get overwhelmed sometimes.

Yeah, sometimes the world is an overwhelming place. But you don't let it kill you. That's the strength. You feel your feelings, sure, but at the end of the day, you're a badass who doesn't give up. 

2. You call people out.

But only when they deserve it. You're in touch with your feelings and you know when someone deserves a calling out. You're sensitive, so you have an acute awareness of details. 

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3. You're a selective dater.

You don't go out with just any meathead from Tinder. You don't do small talk on the first date. You want real human interactions. It makes finding a date a little bit harder and getting a call back from a date more difficult, but it's still worth it for you. 

4. You're not a complainer, you just don't put up with BS.

Being a badass means standing up for yourself. Being sensitive means knowing when you have to stand up for yourself. If you're complaining, it's not because you're annoying. It's because the world is too full of idiots. 

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5. You're a good listener.

You know, being sensitive, how nice it is to be listened to. So in that sense, you know the importance of being a good listener, too. For you, it's easy to shut up, tune everything else out, and lend an ear to a friend.

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