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Barbie Ferreira Addresses ‘Euphoria’ Storyline After Reportedly Walking Off Set Over Argument With Sam Levinson

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Barbie Ferreira, Sam Levinson

Barbie Ferreira is speaking up about her diminished storyline on this season of 'Euphoria' after reportedly feuding with the show's creator, Sam Levinson.

The HBO hit show has been praised for accelerating the careers of stars like Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordia, Alexa Demie and Ferreira but it appears it hasn't been smooth sailing for the actors behind the scenes.

Now, Ferreira, who is known for playing Kat Hernadez, has addressed her role in season two for the first time after her season one sexual awakening plot was sidelined.

“Kat’s journey this season is a little more internal and a little mysterious to the audience. She is secretly going through a lot of existential crises," Ferreira told The Cut.

"She loses her marbles a little bit — just like everyone else in this season. The theme is everyone’s gone a little crazy.”

However, the actress didn't address the alleged feud between her and Levinson, leaving fans with as many questions as before.

Do Barbie Ferreira and Sam Levinson have drama? 

Ferreira and Levinson, the show's director and writer, allegedly got into a heated argument due to Ferreira not agreeing with the direction her character was going to be taking in season two.

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Now, rumors are brewing that the working relationship between the pair has become unbearable for Ferreira.

A source told gossip site DeuxMoi that Ferreira wasn't "vibing" with Levinson.

"New season of Euphoria is going to be real DARK," the source shared. "So much so that some actors, especially Barbie Ferreira, were not vibing with the director's vision."

The source added that the rift between Levinson and Ferreira has also subsequently harmed her character's presence in the new season.

Barbie Ferreira allegedly walked off the 'Euphoria' set due to tensions with Sam Levinson.

The DeuxMoi source claimed, "Barbie got into it with him on set and left one day. He then cut a lot of her lines." 

The alleged argument and aftermath are the reasons why Ferreira didn't appear in the trailer, and why she wasn't at the 'Euphoria' premiere with her other cast members.

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Storm Reid, who plays Gia, Rue's little sister, was also absent from the premiere, most likely because of concerns relating to the rising COVID-19 cases.

Despite Ferreira not attending the premiere, the 25-year-old actress has still been promoting the new season on her social media.

Kat's storyline on season two of 'Euphoria' has disappointed fans. 

In season one of 'Euphoria,' Ferreira's character was praised for not being the fat character whose storyline revolves around her being insecure because she's fat, or hating her body because she's fat.

Kat Fernadez was given a rich storyline that defied the stereotypical "fat bestfriend" trope, and instead became one of the most interesting, crafty, and self-driven characters on the show.

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However, if the beginning episodes of season two are any indication, it seems Levinson is taking a more darker direction for Ferreira's character that is essentially the complete opposite of how she behaved in season one.

Sam Levinson is also rumored to have tensions with Algee Smith.

Ferreira isn't the only person on the show who might be butting heads with Levinson.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Algee Smith, who plays Chris McKay, opened up about how him and Levinson never discussed his character's storyline, which could be the reason why Smith's character won't be in the rest of season two.

“I’m not even really sure, to be honest with you,” Smith said. “I think that’s a question we have to ask our creator [Sam Levinson], where he sees it going. We haven’t even gotten that far in the conversation, him and myself, on this, actually.”

Smith's character wasn't at all shown in the trailer for season two, and only briefly appeared in the first episode, leaving fans feeling a bit frustrated considering the character still has room for a more in-depth development, and is also one of the very few Black characters on the show.

Smith does still have hope that there will be room for his character in the third season, although the show hasn't been renewed yet.

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