5 Sexy Bondage Stories That’ll Make You Scream 'Tie Me Up'

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Have you been wanting to spice up your sex life? Are you feeling bored in the bedroom? Well, maybe you need to try a little bondage.

For those who don't know (or who have been living under a rock), bondage is the word behind the first letter in the acronym BDSM, and is by definition is the "state of being a slave" or the "sexual practice that involves the tying up or restraining of one partner."

It's more than just handcuffs and ropes, it's about you and your partner exploring yourselves sexually in ways you never have before and having the most unbelievable, toe-curling, orgasmic sex of your life.

Bondage is all about control, specifically one partner having control over the other and you giving them the ability to do whatever they want with you. It's also about restraints. But most importantly, it's about trust.

Whether you are the one being bound or the one doing the restraining, you have to have a lot of trust in your partner to be 100% comfortable with the situation.

That's why it's super important to have an open, honest conversation with your partner on your list of do's and dont's when it comes to being restrained. Let them know what you're very comfortable trying and what you're absolutely not doing. The more honest you are, the better the experience will be for both of you.

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Next, do your research. Look up fun, kinky ways to slowly introduce bondage into your foreplay.

One of the best ways is to read up on how other couples have done it and what the experience has been like for them. Another way is watching bondage porn. Seeing it in action can really excite and inspire you to have a few practice runs.

If you want to take the reading approach, you can always try Reddit. The website is filled with user-generated content, including hot and sexy bondage stories.

We scoured through the site and found these five steamy excerpts from sexy bondage stories we thought you'd like:

1. “She has noticed my arousal, and taunts me for it.”

"I don't want you to say anything," she tells me before letting her face meet mine. Her lips close on the lobe of my ear. I can hear each of her quiet breaths and the noises of her mouth as she sucks at my flesh.

I want to touch her, to devour her, but I am immobile. The harsh, thickly-wound strands of the rope scratch and rub my wrists. The bars of the back of the chair are hard and unforgiving, but my discomfort is not unbearable. What is unbearable is being denied the sight of her, of being unable to see her as she plays with my body and pleasures her own in the meantime.

I can see only the slightest flickers of shadows and motion through the blindfold. It is not nearly enough to satisfy me. My imagination is vivid and paints a decent-enough portrait of the golden curls of her hair, the smolder of her blue-eyed gaze through thick, dark eyelashes, and the smug smile that I know is present on her soft red lips.

I hear her shuffle and then feel satisfying pressure on my legs as she sits down on my lap. She lets her hands slide up my bare chest and lock themselves around my neck. She has noticed my arousal, and taunts me for it. The force of her hips against mine is mesmerizing and frustrating.

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2. "Based on some of those pictures, I see you like dominant women."

"I had just finished mowing the yard when the car pulled in the driveway. I met Sarah as she got out of the car, eager to finish our conversation from the night before. The suspense was killing me and I wanted to see where I stood. 'Honey, can we talk?' I began. 'We can talk later,' she replied, as she grabbed several bags from the back seat.

'Go take a shower.' I tried to help her with the bags, but she pulled away. 'I said, go take a shower! You don't listen very well do you?'

Obviously, she was still pissed off. I was anxious to see if 24 hours had improved our situation, but having her bark at me like that only made my dick tingle in my shorts. My wife is typically very passive and she almost never raises her voice. I had to shamefully admit, her anger and aggression were making me hot. I hurried into the house and headed for the shower before she could spot my growing erection."

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3. “You’ll be glad when I’m done, honey.”

"The scream of rage that leaves her mouth, muffled by the panties, shocks me a little. Expected though it is. You don’t really get used to sounds like that. Immediately, she’s a wriggling she-demon.

I curse as she catches my shin with her heel, lift her body off the ground, and in a practiced movement, fall gently backwards, so that we’re on the ground, her on top, her back to me. Then I roll her over, so that she’s pinned underneath me. She screams again. My hand tight on her mouth, it’s hopefully not audible outside the room.

Her nails are digging into my forearm. But with my weight on her she can’t move much anymore. I free one hand, and tape her mouth. Then I take the handcuffs off my belt, snapping one around the wrist that’s trying to take chunks out of my arm.

This is the hard part. I let my weigh up for a second, and transfer one hand to the small of her back holding her down, while my other hand brings the cuffs back, in a curve so as not to twist her shoulder, and snaps the cuffs on to the other wrist. I can relax a little now."

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4. All you want right now is him.

"You hear him circle the bed with a familiarity of the room in the night. He never trips or makes a mistake. He always moves with deliberation of what he seeks.

It is his footsteps that will give him away, you think. He surely couldn’t hide his intention with so little noise. The only way he could do such a thing is if ... music begins to play.

The sound low, but loud enough to cover his steps and all other noise he may make now. His mind is sharp, always a few steps ahead. No more silence, but the mystery continues.

Your body only grows warmer and starved for his attention. Bumps form across your skin as every hair stands on end with the thought of his body on yours. Your fingers curl around the rope that tightly binds your hands together. The pain from biting your lip becomes apparent as you almost let a whimper slip from them.

Where is he now and what is he doing? The bed never moves when you finally feel your entirety flip. The hands are firm and you feel him put you on your back. Before you can realize everything happening, you feel the cool air touch the skin of your legs."

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5. "If you say it, I'll let you out."

"'You do realize that once you let me out of these ropes that it's all over for you, right?'

'I'm well aware.'

Alex pulled her knees to her bare chest and admired her prize. Normally it was her that would be naked and bound by the silky ropes, limbs pulled to the corners of the bed; at the mercy of her love and his sadistic whims.

And on any other day she'd gladly switch places with him. But not today. Today was the day she summoned up the courage to try and pull this off. It wasn't easy either. Weeks of watching, learning and planning had gone into this.

It would be worth whatever punishment that would come after this was over. It had to be. Because after this chance she knew she wouldn't get another. He would remember and he'd make damn sure she didn't get any notions like this in her head again.

'If you say it, I'll let you out.' Even though she had been unbelievably sneaky and just a bit underhanded to get him in the position he was she wouldn't hesitate to untie him if he said so.

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