15 Rare Signs That Reveal You're In A True Partnership

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In its most ideal form, a relationship means that you two have entered a partnership.

A healthy relationship is one in which you are able to work things out between the two of you as a team, even when you don’t agree with one another. It means that you never have to worry about a serious betrayal because you’re both working toward the same goal.

A partnership goes beyond relationship status — one could even say it feels like a higher calling.

Wondering if you’ve reached a relationship that’s partnership material?

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Here are 15 rare signs you're in a true partnership:

1. Commitment isn’t an issue.

You aren’t begging him for a ring. He isn’t begging you to stay with him. You both have an understanding, and it’s one you’re thrilled with. Without a serious commitment, it’s not a partnership.

2. You both have the same goals in mind.

You both want the same things from life, which means there’s no need to bicker over who gets their way. It’s just understood — you both want it, and you both understand that there are no ulterior goals on the table.

3. Things are pretty even between the two of you.

In other words, it isn’t just one person giving and another taking; it’s an even partnership. You know what you’re expected to contribute, and you contribute it.

4. You don’t stonewall, discredit, or deal with one another passive-aggressively.

These behaviors are inherently toxic to relationships, and you just can’t have a real partnership with someone if they do this. If you can’t talk things out or feel safe around your partner, they aren’t your partner.

5. People consider you proof that love really does exist.

Though appearances can fool others, if you genuinely feel happy and content with the way things are, this can be an indicator that you have a serious partnership.

6. You know your partner has your back career-wise, and you have their back.

They’re your biggest cheerleader and will do what it takes to ensure you succeed. Similarly, you’re in their corner fighting for them, too.

7. You don’t have arguments, just discussions.

When you two want to talk things out, emotions don’t go bonkers. There’s no shouting, no screaming, no blowups, and no threats of divorce. You both work toward an awesome compromise. If you can't compromise, you come up with a way to make it work.

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8. At times, you are able to communicate things with just one look.

That’s a sign you really are on the same wavelength. You’re not just lovers — you’re best friends.

9. You consider him your best friend as well as the love of your life, and vice versa.

You legitimately enjoy his company, even on the roughest of days. When you get home from work, nothing quite beats drinking with your partner.

10. That being said, you know your roles and are both fine with them.

If you aren’t happy with your role in the relationship, it’s not a partnership. Hell, it probably isn’t a good relationship if you feel like you’re constantly doing stuff you don’t want to do.

11. You feel like you can talk to them about anything, even if it would be difficult for most couples to tackle.

It’s not just the two of you gabbing about what’s going on at work or what you just saw on Hulu. When you two are together, you can say anything you want knowing that you won’t be judged for it.

If you bring up a concern, you know they’ll hear you out and work it out with you. You also are fine with returning the favor, because you see the relationship’s worth.

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12. Though you know you can always count on one another, you don’t volunteer your love’s services or goods without asking them.

There’s a difference between a partnership and a mutual martyrdom. You actually respect one another enough to realize the difference.

13. You’ve been known to answer their phone for them, and vice versa.

Why? Because you trust each other that much and have nothing to hide.

14. The two of you always have incredible adventures — both in and out of the bedroom.

He’s the James to your Jesse. You’re the Bonnie to his Clyde. You’re partners in crime, and that leads you to amazing adventures and experiences.

15. If soulmates are real, you’re pretty sure you found yours.

And he’s your partner for life.

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