Following These 7 Steps Will Save You Tons Of Money On Your DIY Wedding (Without Cutting On Quality)

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The Best Products That Will Save You Money On Your DIY Wedding

Congrats, you're getting married! Now the fun begins as you plan a special day to celebrate your love.

You know that nothing is perfect, but you want to make sure it's meaningful. If you put your own touch on each element of the day, it will be. And low-cost weddings that you can DIY will help you save money and make it super personal, so you can feel even better about your plans to create something unique and special.

Here's how to include budget-friendly products into your DIY wedding to make it beautiful, practical, and completely unforgettable:

1. Get organized and put your wedding plans on paper.

You don't have to be an expert to plan your own wedding. But if you're looking for a little expert guidance, the Become a Wedding Planner course from the London School of Trends will help you get everything in line. Learn all about styling a theme and picking suppliers for a big event like a wedding.

And while you're making those beautiful wedding plans, make sure that you're staying on budget with the Budgeting Sidekick Journals. Sometimes just writing down your costs can help you start prioritizing saving toward your budget and trimming out what you don't need.

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2. Prepare your wedding invitations.

For a folded bit of paper, save-the-dates, invitations, and "thank you" notes will run you a good amount of dough—unless you add them to your DIY to-do list.

Take a crash course in card-making when you enroll in the Creative Card Making For All Occasions Course to design the perfect card.

Or have Culture Greetings, a Black-owned greeting card brand, create your personalized cards then print, stamp and mail for you. Invitations and "thank you" notes will get scratched off your long list in no time.

3. Prepare gifts for your bridal party.

On your wedding day, the people standing beside you are there because they're important to you. Show them how much they mean by recognizing them with a sweet gift.

A classic gold-plated initial necklace is a simple way to create a uniform, yet individual gift for your bridesmaids, or even your mom and mother-in-law. Or you can use the Maya J Personalized Item Gift Card Voucher (valued at $75) to make something unique for each of them such as a name necklace or ring!

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4. Bring your own decor to save money on your bridal shower, ceremony and reception.

You may be the focus of the day, but the space you create to celebrate sets the tone of the whole event. You don't need an epic cliffside ceremony or mansion-hosted reception to make that space amazing though. Dig yourself out of the pile of fabric swatches and, instead, use a few simple tools to construct a setting that welcomes your guests, honors the event, and meets your functional needs.

Traditional place cards are great, but there are ways to consolidate that task into one. Direct your guests to their tables when they arrive or inform them of your signature cocktail with a 40-inch wooden A-frame chalkboard, which is perfect for unique chalk art.

Weather-proof your little backyard wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party when you secure one or two 10'x10' Costway Tents to shelter your guests and food from too much sun or rain sprinkles.

The Insta-worthy Costway Garden Trellis Metal Arch creates exactly the framework you need to make the ceremony-backing arch statement you want. Whether you drape it with fabric or train flowers to grow up and around it, this weather-resistant metal arch will make the perfect backdrop to your ceremony.

The cost of flowers is surprisingly high—you don't have to spend a fortune on them. Consider outfitting your arch or building your bouquet or centerpiece with Tropical & Dried Bouquets from Rose Farmers. These unique blooms will add a special look to your day's style.

You can even create unique centerpieces with the Uniqcube Customized Light Box lamps which can sport photos of the newly wedded couple, glowing from inside and out.

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When it comes to weddings, the ambiance is everything. You want to create a space that brings your vision to life! Lighting is a major factor when it comes to achieving a vibe.

Light up the space with Q-Beam(R) Pull Lights and Outdoor LED Crystal Solar Ball Lights, perhaps hanging from your tent edges, and combine with battery-powered LED flameless candles scattered on the tables — perfect for cocktail hour — or KooPower LED Real Candle Lights to set along walking paths

What do people tend to remember most after a wedding? The food and the music! You want everyone to have a good time, after all. When it's time for everyone to hit the dance floor, you can't go without a voice-activated LED disco laser light, which will get everyone grooving to its 60 color patterns and rhythm-mimicking light show.

5. Do your own hair and makeup.

Doing your own hair and wedding make-up on the day where all eyes will be on you and the pictures will be looked at for the rest of your life is high pressure. But with the right tools, hair and make-up aren't any harder than any other DIY projects.

Invest in a good curling wand, some water-proof eyeliner, and a magnification makeup mirror so you can snag every wayward eyebrow hair and create a flawless wedding day look.

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6. Have a plan to document the big day.

The memories you make on your wedding day will be important to you forever! Documenting your wedding day on a DIY budget can get a little tight, but luckily there are many tech tools to help you with photography, videography, and album design.

You don't have to shell out for an expensive photographer when your guests are going to be taking a ton of photos themselves. The easiest way to access all of them is to put your friends and family on the job when you arm them with the SamSaidYes Premium Wedding Photo Sharing App which helps you collect photos from everyone at your event in one place. Users have rated the app 4.6 out of 5 stars in the App Store and benefited from the automated collection options.

You can create a beautiful, high-quality wedding video on your own as well with the right tools and skills. Have you got access to something like a DSLR camera and tripod? If so, learn the basics of shooting your special day on the Complete Video Production Super Bundle ten-course bundle. Previous students have rated every course in the bundle 4+ out of 5 stars. You'll come away with the top-notch skills to document every precious moment.

Once the day is done, load memories and more into The "Memories" Motion Book, a photo album with a screen that plays videos. With 4GB of memory and a battery that will last for 12 months on standby, this album will create a unique and special memory piece for you and your spouse.

7. Don't forget to prep for the after-party.

Cheers! You've pulled the wedding off without a hitch. Now it's time to celebrate! Pour yourself a glass of celebratory vino from Wine Insiders when you stock your bar with 15 mixed wine bottles for a killer price.

Send your guests home with some adorable shot glass wedding favors. When you can celebrate with your sweetie once you're finally alone again, use a personalized wine decanter and set of two glasses just for the happy couple.

On the big day, take moments to enjoy not only the beginning of the rest of your life, but also your hard work putting together a wedding from scratch. Know your wedding is completely unique to you and that your guests will enjoy the day based on your creativity and excellent planning. Congratulations!

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