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If you make him your hobby, you will lose him. If you chase your dreams, you will keep him.

About Gregg Michaelsen

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had someone by your side rooting you on? Someone who would never judge you? A friend that would only see the good in you, and would get others to see?

Relationships are hard. Life can be hard. Sometimes we just need some help understanding ourselves and the people we spend our lives with. I had a mentor in my life so I was lucky and now I would like to be yours. I can supply your roadmap and help you discover the things that you always wanted.

Hi I'm Gregg! I am one of Boston's top dating coaches. I am also a best selling dating advice Author.  I have 15 best selling books on Amazon. Three, #1 best sellers in the dating advice for women genre as I speak. People from all over the world reach out to me for advice, tips, confidence building and support. 

In fact, I am a "Dear Abby" in the sense that I take 20-40 emails per day from my wonderful readers for free. I actually encourage women to contact me through my dating books - this is what makes me unique.

I am involved in many things, including Wounded Warriors, animal shelters and construction. If you want to really tug at my heartstrings, come a’yodeling with a warm chocolate chip cookie in one hand and a rescue kitty in the other!

I also believe in balancing my life and do so through high-energy activities like working out, jet-skiing, surfing, P90X workouts, and sailing. These activities, combined with more calming pursuits that include meditation, reading and sunning under palm trees provide me with a full, balanced life.

My greatest thrill, however, probably comes from my work in helping women better understand men. My collection of dating advice books for women are designed to help women not only understand men better, but to understand themselves better. I enjoy interacting with all of my readers through email and through my coaching services and I love hearing about how women are starting to win over the men in their lives!

Gregg Michaelsen Success Stories

Artie Goes Sky Diving!

Men starting over

I met Artie while out in Delray Beach Fl. I gave him my card and he hit me up for some direct “in the field” coaching. Artie is a great guy, but he was shy at first when meeting women. He was attractive, tall, had a decent job and was in good physical shape. We went out together and I witnessed his ways. It wasn’t good! He was tongue tied when he talked to an attractive woman. He started saying weird stuff that wasn’t even true about himself. He was embellishing things that didn’t need to be embellished. And yet, he was great talking to anyone else as long as it wasn’t a women that he was trying to meet.more

Then I had him approach a group of women after I had already “broken the ice.” He was great. He was smooth, he listened and he asked the right questions. Two of the girls were interested in him almost immediately. I knew this from their body language, and afterward, the ladies confirmed this to be true.

Artie needed a trick, a diversion if you will, to get him past the first 15 seconds with a woman. He had confidence, I could see that, he just struggled with the intro.

I gave him my white G-Shock watch. He looked at me perplexed. My watch was an hour behind due to eastern daylight savings, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to set the damn thing! True story. I told Artie to put the watch on, walk up to some girls  ( 3 nice women getting a glass of wine at this wine tasting event) take the watch off, slap it down on the counter, and say, “10 bucks to anyone who can set my f*****g  watch to the proper time!”

I told him to say it loud and with conviction. I explained that all he needed was something to get him past the first 15 seconds. He was going to accomplish this with a prop that will get the women concentrating on solving the problem (setting the watch to the proper time) and not waiting for what was about to come out of his mouth.

It was magical! The girls circled the watch and Artie, as they laughed at solving the situation. Artie’s confidence shot through the roof and he immediately turned into the great guy, I knew, was behind the curtain. The night just got better, too. They couldn’t do it in the 5 minutes we allotted so Artie and the girls took the watch around the room and charged every person 5 dollars if they couldn’t do it in 5 minutes.

The pot grew and grew! The band even announced that Artie needed someone to set his f*****g watch! Needless to say, Artie had a great time and proved to himself that he was his worst enemy and how to work around it until he could stomp the beast out (his lack of confidence) forever.

He did!

Today, Artie is a good friend and he and I laugh at that night and that experience. He has been dating the same girl for eight months now and they are talking about a future together. He bows to my teachings, that night, and the impact it had on his confidence. To this day, it fills my eyes up with tears…

Oh how I love helping people get their own baggage out of the way!

Valerie Holds The Cards Now!

Couples in crisis

Valerie was ready for change. She contacted me with the following story:more

Her husband had moved out and left her with their two kids. Now he still chimed in every now and then to visit the kids whenever he felt the need and to have sex with his (now separated) wife. Valerie was crying like crazy. She had no hope of getting him back for good or moving on. Erik (we will call him) still paid some of the bills (barely) so she could keep the apartment and “exist.” Valerie did have a great job and she said that she kept getting promoted but her self-confidence was so beat up she didn’t understand why.

The poor woman probably spent her last dime to hire me. We had talked several times by email through my books. She told me how he had total control over her, did what he wanted, dated when he felt like it and constantly put her down.

You see, Valerie was so motivated for change I knew she would do whatever it took to turn her life around – and that’s all I need from a woman.

I went to work!

I sent her my confidence course, “Comfortable in Your Own Shoes.” We worked together on affirmations so she could “break her negative thoughts that her husband had instilled in her.” We came up with her vision of where she was going to be in 6 months, 1 year and 5 years. Then we formed her road map to get there starting tomorrow! She whipped up a vision board with her new car, her new apartment with a back yard and more apartments and her new man in her life.

Simultaneously, we worked on her ex. She shut off sex with him! She had her Mom do the switch when he took the kids so Valerie wouldn’t have an emotional break down when she saw Erik. I put up a “firewall”, basically, between all communications and ran interference so Valerie could work on herself. All communication went through me without Erik ever knowing what hit him.

Valerie worked up the confidence and got the raise that we knew she could get. Her Mom, seeing progress in her daughter, stepped up and lent her a little bit of money and baby sat more often. This allowed Valerie to have one night for herself! I instructed her (she made a goal) that she needed to meet two new, fun women! She joined a group and met two new single moms in somewhat similar positions. They flourished together and supported each other. Because there were now three of them, they could rotate babysitting while the other two went out. This saved everyone money.

Valerie, then joined a gym and started getting in shape. We found a gym that offered free babysitting so that worked out perfect.

Her confidence was growing stronger and stronger every day.

Erik, who was pissed off at what was happening in front of his eyes, suddenly started being nice, texting her and asking her what she was up too. He had interest in his wife again. Erik wanted to come home! Valerie had some decisions to make. Does she take him back? Or does she continue on her wonderful path?

The jury is still out today – Valerie has chosen to stay separated for now. Her and I have a laugh when we talk because she now holds all the cards today – not Erik!

This is what I do! And my eyes tear up when I can “stir the giant from within.” Valerie found her giant last year – you can too!

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