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Beverly Hills CA 90211 - United States





I Believe

I am a Registered Addiction Specialist and a Substance Use Certified Counselor specializing in Opioid Use Disorder Treatment and Rapid Detoxification. Above all, I strive to provide a safe space for those seeking help, where concerns are heard and evaluated. Also, where individual needs are carefully and respectfully examined. A place where treatment options are decided purely on patients’ needs and not on preset protocols that benefit the program more than the patient. I want the patient to have a meaningful experience. One that will help them choose a healthier path. I act with others in a way that aligns with my values. My desire to be in healthcare was never misguided, but maybe a little naïve. I have since broadened my understanding of people’s needs, strengths, and difficulties. My purpose hasn’t changed, and I continue to strive to help people live healthier and happier lives. The idea that people see addiction as a moral failing has maintained its victims scorned, discriminated against, and punished by society. This stigmatization and misunderstanding of substance abuse and mental illness have been harmful and often lethal to so many. We have the science and the resources to treat these conditions, so all we need is to replace judgment and stigma with education and compassion.

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