4 Things An Astrologer Can Tell You About Your Relationship, Based On Your Birth Chart

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So you want to have your horoscope chart read with that of your significant other?

Do you want to know if your astrological signs are compatible?

Are your relationships going to succeed or will they fail because your zodiac signs are just not a good match?

Comparing charts in a relationship can reveal astonishing information about the two of you and your zodiac compatibility.

In my experience, relationship astrology can be spookily accurate in the hands of a competent astrologer.

For example, I hired my astrologer, Alice Portman, to look at my birth chart with a man I’ll call Chi.

In typing Chi’s birth data to her, I made a mistake and made the second digit of his birth date a full week later than the actual date.

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When she started work, Alice emailed and asked me to check the date. I did and made the same mistake again.

I emailed her that it was correct and she went ahead and did the work. Then I realized my mistake, emailed her with profuse apologies and she had to go back and redo everything.

When she made her recording and sent it to me, the first thing she said was that she was bewildered by the first date I sent her.

She said she had sat there thinking, "I don’t know how these charts even know each other!"

But when I sent her the corrected data, our charts lit up like fireworks.

As she worked, Alice kept finding more and more aspects that coincided with one another.

Some of these were "harmonics" that gave me a lot of information. 

A good astrologer looks at your chart, your significant other’s chart, and then compares the two in five different ways. 

Here are 5 things astrology and your horoscopes tell you about your relationships.

1. If your planets align or not

Usually, the astrologer will do synastry first. This is a simple comparison of where planets are in your chart vs. where planets are in theirs.

Chi and I had so many coinciding aspects in our charts, Alice predicted we'd be attracted like crazy glue. And we were! 

Then, we have my Mars ninety degrees from his Venus, an aspect known as a "square." This can reflect that one partner comes on too strong for the other, which was definitely true for us.

We also have my Mars squaring his North Node, associated with star-crossed lovers. Also, sadly, correct.

Consider Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: they have the same aspect in their synastry chart.

2. How significant your relationship is to you

The astrologer will look at "harmonics". When the astrologer considers everything that aspects each other by 30 degrees in each chart, for example, it’s called the "twelfth harmonic" because 360 (the number of degrees in a circle) is divided by 12 to get 30 degrees.

Each harmonic reflects specific things — the more points in one chart where the other person has a planet in the same place or with a significant angle to it, the more the meeting and the relationship are significant in that person's life. 

Looking at our harmonics, Alice was able to tell me that the relationship was not only very significant in both of our lives, but that it was fated and that we each showed up to push each other to do certain work in our lives.

Chi, for instance, was there specifically to wake me up to childhood issues I had not resolved yet and part of his job was to hurt me very badly so I would be extremely motivated to find out what they were and resolve them.

(Unfortunately for me, Alice sure called her shot on that one.)

This kind of information can prepare you for difficulties in the relationship to come.

3. If you get along

The astrologer does a "composite", which is a way of combining your two charts into one. 

The most common method is to take the midpoint between the two Suns, the two Moons, the two Venuses, etc. on down the line.

Then the astrologer looks at that one chart and compares it to the natal chart of each person.

The composite tells you how you’re likely to get along, what parts of the relationship will be easy, and where you may have difficulties.

The composite isn't a "real" chart — it's a chart that exists in theory.

The astrologer has to correct for some things and some astrologers feel it isn't correct to do predictive astrology with it. 

4. What the purpose of your relationship is

Your astrologer will also cast and interpret a Davison, which is most important. 

The Davison is said to reveal the purpose of the relationship and suggests the future of the relationship when the astrologer computes transits and progressions to it.

If what you want to know most is why a disaster happened with someone, and you have limited funds, have your astrologer cast you a Davison and nothing else. 

Your Davison is created by finding the midpoint between your two birthplaces, birth dates, and birth times, and casting a horoscope for that entity.

The relationship is treated sort of as a person in this chart, which is considered a real chart.

This is how Alice Portman correctly predicted that Chi and I would communicate again two and a half years after our relationship ended.

Its best use is to tell you what you are in for should you decide to accept that relationship. 

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5. The good and bad aspects of your relationship

Most professional astrologers use software that automatically counts the number of "easy" and "hard" aspects between two charts.

When Alice did mine with my late husband, we had just about all good aspects and very few bad ones.

And I can vouch for the truth of this — he and I were very happy together and had a very happy relationship overall.

Alice kept remarking about what good charts we had, and one of her comments were that it would be hard for me to find a relationship after this one that would come up to this quality. 

When I hired my first astrologer to do Chi’s and mine, I heard none of these steps being followed.

I no longer use or recommend this person. Be careful who you hire.

You might want to inquire about the professional you are considering what they do for the fee they ask. If you don’t see all of these steps, consider hiring someone else.

What about computerized reports?

To hire a seasoned professional to do this work for you should cost around $250.00.

It's generally the best way to get these reports because you can have a discussion with your astrologer about your situation.

The algorithms on this site choose the most important aspects and compile a report of what they mean.

The interpretations are written by some very good and well-known astrologers and it saves significant money over hiring an actual person to do the work, in the case where you aren’t finding that affordable.

However, if you don’t have two accurate birth times, dates, and places, I wouldn’t spend the money.

The data you get out of any astrological reading is only as good as the data you put in.

In studying the Astrodienst Davisons for several couples I have good information about, I can tell you that the Astrodienst Davisons, if you can read around some stilted wording, accurately give you both the highest and the worst potentials of the relationship.

They tend to concentrate on the highest potentials of the relationship, giving the worst ones short shrift.

Don't assume from this that your relationship will be smooth sailing!

In the case of my friend, who is still living in a terrible relationship, the good stuff in the Davison just doesn’t apply at all, but the few paragraphs about how it could all go wrong are dead on. 

In cases like this, the reason the couple isn’t reaching their best outcome seems to be that one or both parties just aren’t resolving their own emotional issues.

According to their Davison, my friend's relationship had tremendous potential at its outset, but from hearing about it over the years, I can see why only the worst is manifesting.

In that case, the problem lies with both of them. 

For any relationship to endure at its best, both people have to be willing to look at themselves, buckle down, and do some serious internal work.

When they aren't, the worst potential of the Davison manifests, rather than the good things in the report.

If you find some bad news in your Davison with your sweetie, ask yourself some serious questions about whether you and your significant other are brave enough to do some difficult work on yourselves, not on the other person.

Astrodienst Davisons run very heavy on positive potential, so if you get one where half the report is talking about negative potential, forecasts an affair, or mentions several times that you might need to break up, be very, very careful about committing to that relationship.

You have been warned.

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P.D. Reader, a student astrologer, blogs as The Thinking Other Woman. On the website, she shares advice about affairs, relationship problems, astrology, and more.

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