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God designed our minds and bodies with an amazing capacity for healing and maximum results come from cooperating with His design! Stress and anxiety from your past don't have to be your future.

About Steven Baerg

As a Christian EFT Practitioner I know God designed us to live with confident peace in Him!  I have learned you don't have to live in the pain from your past with constant worry and anxiety.  Here is how I know.

My Story:

One day I found myself closed in a storage room hunched over in the corner with the light off  so no one would see me stressing out!  I felt overwhelmed by everything I was supposed to do.  It seemed I just couldn't keep up and I was worried someone, a coworker, my boss, anyone, would figure it out and I would get fired.  My body was tense, my mind was racing from one fragmented thought to the next, an unending list of EVERYTHING I was worried I couldn't get done.  

Sadly that wasn't the only day I ended up in the storage room.  

 I wanted to make a difference with my clients. To fulfill God’s great destiny for me but just making it till tomorrow without a fatal crash and burn seemed difficult.  Many days everything else felt hopelessly impossible.

Thankfully, that is no longer my life.  While I still occasionally, have a few anxious periods or stressed moments, I am accomplishing more with less stress and greater enjoyment!  I have confidence that God takes my imperfect efforts to follow his leading and uses them for his eternal purposes.  

Now, I consider it a great privilege and joy to share the real practical tools and methods I use myself with each of my coaching clients so they too can live a stress less life full of possibility and purpose!

How You Can Change Your Story:

So if you are a Christian struggling with stress, anxiety, or pain from your past, Christian Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) just might be the tool that can help you take a giant step closer to the life of freedom and meaning God designed you for too!  It has made a big difference in my life. 

Christian EFT is a simple method that cooperates with the healing capacities God built right into your brain and body to make peace with past painful events that keep you locked in stress and anxiety today. 

Combining the tapping of acupressure points with mentally reviewing the situations that programed your brain for anxious responses allows your mind to access and rewrite the neural circuits that hold those memories. Once rewritten with a felt sense of calm and safety those memories stop triggering the old stress response in your body and allow you to live with greater peaceful confidence in God’s protection and blessings.

Additional Qualifications:

In addition to my training in EFT (Levels 1&2 with EFT Universe, Level 1 with ACEP, and Mastering Your EFT Tool Kit with EFT Tapping Training Institute) I also have a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from San Diego State University and am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

How to Get Started for Free:

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For More Information:

You can visit: https://TheStressReliefCoach.com

Steven Baerg Success Stories

From Overwhelmed to Coping

Men dealing with work related stress

“I contacted Steven because my anxiety was out of control. Years of bullying at school and then in the workplace, feeling isolated and alone, two relationship breakups and heavy drinking caused me to have a complete nervous breakdown . I was having sleepless nights, panic attacks, depression - the whole package. I ended up having to leave my job and realized physically and  mentally  I was totally unable to work.

The first thing I liked about Steven and what led me to contact him was the fact he was a Christian. I am a strong Christian but with all that was going on I was struggling to live my beliefs. I approached my first session with anxiety - I didn’t really know what to expect, but Steven really understood.

Steven has really been a key part of my recovery process. After working with Steven for some months I have improved dramatically. He has helped me with the best way to get back to work, helped strengthen my faith in God, and rewrite the memories of years of emotional trauma so they no longer cause me stress, anxiety or depression.

I now use the techniques he has taught me every day, as an essential part of my recovery process in view of living the life God has planned for
me, Stress Free!”

Laurence - Australia


Peace After 12 Years - Death of Infant Grandaughter


The emotional pain was above 10 out of 10 for 12 years, I could not even think about her death without breaking into tears.  The guilt that I was
carrying, emotional pain was huge,  huge for me.  more

Steven was caring, and kind. He honed into the problem so quickly.  Even before we finished the first round, I began to feel different, the tears stopped. I felt like I could smile when I thought of her.

Even now only a couple of hours later, when I think of her, I can smile.  I thought when I go home tonight,  I am going to bring her picture out of the drawer.  I am going put it on my dresser with all my other grand kids and enjoy it.  Something I haven’t been able to do before.

All I can say is Wow,  what an amazing experience you shared with me,

thank you,

Vicki - California

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