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To be happy, you need to have a cause, and if that cause can be accomplished in your lifetime, it is not big enough. Albert Schweitzer (paraphrased) UnspokenBoundaries.com is my purpose. My daily goal is to do no harm and leave the world a better place. Merle Yost

About Merle Yost

Merle is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, full-time workshop leader, writer, speaker, and consultant. Retired from private practice psychotherapy after 30 years, he now lectures and consults to help people make sense of their lives and often the pain they are in, so they can move forward. With over 35 years of personal and professional work, Merle has taken the summary of his experience and training and uses it to help others. 

All of his books are about helping people live better lives. Merle is committed to continuing his teaching and efforts to educate people about themselves. UnspokenBoundaries.com is his platform for workshops.

Merle's healing journey created deep compassion for the emotional pain people experience and his profound belief in the possibility of healing and claiming one’s life.