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Author, Business Coach, Change Management Expert, Confidence Coach, Family Coach, International Management Consultant, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Trainer, YourTango Expert Partner

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Step Into Your Story! (TM) If you can Imagine it, You can Create it. If you can Create it, You can Change it. If you can Change it, You are Capable of Anything.

About Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

Kathryn Ramsperger is an award-winning novelist and journalist, focusing on relationships and cross-cultural communication.  Her writing has appeared in National Geographic, Kiplinger, and many others. More info can be found at kathrynbrownramsperger.com, and pick up your free "East Meets South" cookbook (published to commemorate her upcoming novel A Thousand Flying Things here. 
You can read her most recently published short story on linktr.ee/kathyramspergerKathryn Ramsperger is an award-winning novelist and journalist, focusing on relationships and cross-cultural communication.  Her writing has appeared in National Geographic, Kiplinger, and many others. More info can be found at kathrynbrownramsperger.com, and pick up your free "East Meets South" cookbook (published to commemorate her upcoming novel A Thousand Flying Things here. 
You can read her most recently published short story on linktr.ee/kathyramsperger

Kathryn Ramsperger is an Intuitive Life Coach and an author. Kathryn’s debut novel, award-winning The Shores of Our Souls, is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To find out more about her coaching services check out her full bio on Your Tango, follow Kathryn on Facebook or visit groundonecoaching.com


We all have our stories. What's yours?

Where are you, right here, right now?

Are you happy? Or are you feeling sad, confused, and lost?

How would you like to transform stuck, hopeless, and disorganized into clarity, joy, hope, and peace?

Our lives are stories of our own creation, and if we can invent the story we're living right now, we have the ability to revise, retrace, and explore another story.

I can help you transform your life. As a Master Certified Intuitive Coach, I offer a special coaching that helps your right brain work with your left. I teach people to tame their dragons, love their shadows, and forgive their fallen heroes. I guide my clients to see above and beyond their self-created forest full of trees. I draw  on Jungian pilosophy, creative visualization, meditative music, and Voice Dialog to get you past your mind blocks, and then use some traditional coaching techniques to get you moving at a steady pace toward success. 

In addition to my coaching experience, I have expertise in the business and international non-profit world, leading creative teams. I've trained people, and especially enjoy creating win-win solutions to seemingly intractable situations. I also love guiding and empowering people of all ages to their full potential.  I'm results-oriented. You'll start to experience forward movement and increased happiness in 6-8 weeks. My Reiki certification also allows me to bring you healing if desired.

I use a new cutting edge approach to coaching that helps people move forward, even if they've been stuck for years.

  1. First we sidestep the analytical mind and engage your imagination.
  2. We find the moment you became stuck and unstick it.
  3. We silence mind chatter.
  4. Only then we arrive at a clear, balanced, achievable plan for your future.
  5. Through your new-found objectivity and curiosity, you find out who you are instead of what you've been told you should be.

Ready to change your story?

Ready to follow your dreams?

Ready to reset your mindset in 3 minutes?

Ready to reengage your life? 

OK, Let's Go!

To understand what's possible for your life and dreams, schedule a complimentary session with me now.

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. Out of discord, find harmony. In the middle of discord lies opportunity."  ~ Albert Einstein

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger Success Stories

Endorsement from Margaret in Canada


Kathy Ramsperger is a gifted, intuitive coach. She is a true example to others, authentically living what she coaches, and she inspires clients to grow and believe in themselves using a mix of warm empathy and firm accountability. Most importantly, Kathy has a genius for truly connecting with her clients. She literally exudes love and peace, and  with her gentle demeanor and soothing presence, effortlessly creates an environment of trust and safety. I truly admire Kathy's passion and professionalism for coaching, and consider her to be a mentor, peer and friend.

Relief for Sabrina in Italy


Kathy Ramsperger has incredible insight and will lead you from the dark forest to the beautiful sun-filled meadow of your life.more

Thank you, Kathy, for changing my life!

Anne from California reclaims her power

Women dealing with stress

Kathy is very gifted and compassionate, and she has helped me a lot. more

I am realizing, step by step, how to take back my power more…how to be fully myself.

Release from worry for Darla in Colorado


Kathy is one of the most amazing presences I’ve ever had in my life. She reflected back to me all my potential and helped me unknot the worry I’d wrapped myself in. In a few short sessions with her, I was able to release years of angst that I wasn’t even aware I was carrying. With her coaching, I feel like I truly broke out of my old cocoon and learned to fly on my beautiful wings. I feel 30 pounds lighter!more

I felt safe opening up my innermost being to her. I think that was the key to really finding who I am at my core and believing in all the great things I can do in this life.

I feel like I know myself better than I ever have, and it’s all because she let me discover it at my own pace in my own way. Everything was already inside me; Kathy just showed me how to look for it.

Peer Review from Ruth in Washington, DC


That Kathryn can serve such a range of interests, finding the careful balance between what clients want and need and what will best serve their interests, distinguishes her work.more

A quick summary of the skills and qualities that I think make Kathryn’s work stand out:

  • Sensitivity to clients’ uniqueness and concerns
  • Ability to capture the nub of what’s important
  • Focus on both content and process
  • Integrity
  • Use of her broad communications experience
  • An openness to change and learning

Nancy in London

Women starting over

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger is an inspirational leader. She is a rare breed–honest, skilled, and driven–but striving for the best. She always works with you to find the best outcome and solution.more

Her humanitarian spirit and commitment never wavers. Her writing flows. Her broad range of communication transforms a customer’s disconnected thoughts and ideas into exacting and eloquent prose.  She has the uncanny ability to add insight, texture, depth and clarity to everything and for everyone she touches.

Transformation in Kim from Wisconsin

Women starting over

You have touched my life in ways that are continuing to change me. Thank you for sharing  your talents with me. I gave my notice and a few weeks later, I was offered my dream job.  It took me awhile, but I’m free, rebalancing, and beginning a wonderful next chapter in my life. With much love and admiration!

Acknowledgment from Kim in Maryland


Kathryn Ramsperger is an immensely talented editor who works closely with her clients to support them in finding the very best way to communicate their thoughts and ideas. She is very professional and highly skilled at editing, she is sensitive to her client’s needs and desires, she is patient and thorough, and her coaching ability enables her to bring out the best in the client. I was so appreciative of her support and editing of my book and definitely recommend her to others.

Appreciation from Irina in Michigan

Women starting over

I am sending my unlimited thank you's full of love and admiration of you as a professional Writer, as a Woman with a big kind heart, as a humanitarian leader with a cutting-edge vision of helping others.more

Thank you for sharing with me the energy of harmony, peace and love. You teach me every time to stop and ” smell the roses."

Praise from Lisa in Florida

Women starting over

My transformation has been amazing from the inside out! Kathy Ramsperger, you were my Coach, my Teacher and my Healer. It’s a fact that with you working with me weekly, I released the emotions and weight quickly. I had Amazing results; you helped me find the complete me--a healthy mind, body & spirit. more

Kathy Ramsperger is a wonderful, caring, gifted, results-oriented coach. Among other things, this process gives us the ability to detach and reach into the painful emotions that we hold on to from our past.  I lost TWO pants sizes, reaching my goal weight in 11 weeks! Not only did I lose weight, I learned skills to deal with years of accumulated stress and emotions that were overwhelming. I also learned how to create healthy boundaries.  While working with Kathy, I experienced major releases of past pain and even accomplished reaching forgiveness for my step mother. Years of therapy didn’t touch this kind of success and healing. I have never felt this good emotionally, mentally, and physically. Today, I Am in a size 8 (I was that size over 15 years ago)!    

Gratitude from Tami in Vermont


Kathy directed her gentle but powerful skills to open my blocked creativity and make writing fun again. After each session, I felt renewed and excited.more

Her methods really work. There’s no more fun and effective way to gain personal insight and get yourself on track!

A Real Author Whisperer!


Thank you for your encouraging words about my book. Your comments about writing what you know now that you didn't know then are profound. I continue to think about them. I believe you are an aunthentic author whisperer. more


Marion in Mississippi

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