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Author, Energy Healer, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer

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It is natural, normal and possible for you to be well, because at the core level of your being you already are.

About Katherine Agranovich

Born in Minsk, Russia, I am the mother of 5, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and hold a Ph.D. in Natural Health Studies.

Denied entry into medical school in Russia because I am Jewish, I became a Registered Nurse, then emigrated with my husband and young son to Southern California. I worked in a variety of medical settings until a sudden, life-threatening illness struck my daughter. When traditional doctors had no answers, I turned to alternative medicine. It worked, leading me to obtain a Ph.D. in Natural Health Studies and become a Certified Medical and Anesthesiology Hypnotherapist.

In 2004 I established Achieve Health Center, a holistic health center helping people with a wide variety of mental, emotional and physical challenges. My role as a healer is to educate, empower and guide each client into a state of alignment with the Source of wellbeing within them.

I have been a guest expert on many talk shows, including KDKA (CBS Pittsburgh affiliate), KOA (Denver), KOMO (Seattle), WBZ (Boston), America Tonight and Fox on family, and on shows nationally syndicated by Compass Media and the iHeart radio network.

I am the author of Tales of My Large, Loud, Spiritual Family, inspired by “Mikvah,” an ancient, Jewish ritual of purification and spiritual elevation for women.

Katherine Agranovich Success Stories

Achieve Optimum Health Naturally

“I worked with Dr. Agranovich for 4 years, sharing many mutual patients. From listening to the positive feedback from her patients, I began to understand the magnitude of her care and effectiveness of her skills as a hypnotherapist. I saw her patients who were able to naturally overcome their anxiety, stress, and fears, those who quit their nicotine or alcohol addiction, others who reduced their high blood pressure, and many who felt a sense of calm and well-being under her care. Katherine has a lovely balance of intelligence, focus, and strong work ethic with heart-felt, genuine care, kindness, and presence for her patients. In line with her vision, Katherine will continue to inspire, educate, and support her patients and her community to achieve optimal health naturally.” ~ Suzanne Tang, N.D., L.Ac.

Cured of Night Terrors

“I began getting night terrors with outbreaks of aggression and sleep walking and I couldn’t find help anywhere. Multiple doctors offered pills, but I didn’t want the side effects. So the problem persisted I began dreading going to sleep every night. I finally did two sessions of hypnosis and Reconnective Healing and they transformed everything. Walking out of my 2nd session, I was more relaxed and confident than I had been and for the first time in months. I was excited to get some sleep. I was cured of my night terrors, and through hypnosis I discovered that my brain had the ability to overcome this problem itself.” ~ Aryeh K.

Provides Excellent Support

“All patients reported improvement or normalization in the areas of smoking cessation, weight management, anxiety, depression, HTN, sleep disturbance, and pain management. Katherine provides excellent support to any medical office seeking medical hypnotherapy to enhance patient care.” ~ Svetlana Stivi, M.D.

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