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A one-of-a-kind membership program for healing professionals

At YourTango Experts, we are the "Experts to the Experts" in assisting healing and helping professionals build their businesses and thrive in their work.


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YourTango Experts is a compelling, unique and affordable membership offering that can help you build and expand your helping/healing business.

We serve as a powerful, proven marketing, coaching, PR, publishing and community resource (and friend!) for healers and helpers of all stripes:

therapists, coaches, counselors, mediators, MDs, "alternative" healers and many other categories of healing professionals have benefitted from a YourTango Expert Membership.

We are eager to help you, too!
A YourTango Experts membership can help you improve the success of your business and feel energized as a healing professional.

We have developed three tiers of Expert memberships to do so.

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YourTango Experts is a unique membership-based program offered by YourTango, a 20-year old independent and highly purpose-driven publisher focused on love, relationships, emotional wellness, and self-empowerment.

With over 23 million visits per month to, along with vast distribution of our editorial across the web thanks to our partnerships with MSN, Apple News, Flipboard, SmartNews, Newsbreak, as well as our robust presence on major social channels, we are getting closer every day to achieving our goal:
to make a positive impact in the world and foster the human connection—in all its joy, messiness, heartache, healing, wonder, and triumph.

As we know how critically important the healers of the world are in achieving these goals, we have been assisting healing professionals for over ten years. More about our mission here.

Please join us in our ambition to open our readers' hearts, build their relationships, and ignite positive change in millions of lives by becoming a YourTango Experts member

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Please email us or schedule a call with one of our team members.

More about YourTango Experts and our Memberships

YourTango Experts is a one-of-a-kind membership offering that can help you build and expand your helping/healing business and ideally help you feel more energized and empowered as a healing professional.

Why? How?

Let's start at our beginning. Tango Publishing was founded in 2002 as a deeply purpose-driven publisher focused on love, relationships, emotional wellness, and empowerment. Now known as YourTango, our mission is to open our readers’ hearts, help them build relationships, and ignite positive change in millions of lives through compelling, actionable editorial. Our goal is to foster the human condition and the human connection—in all its joy, messiness, heartache, healing, wonder, and triumph.

Based on many metrics, we are succeeding! Reader letters provide compelling testament to our impact and how we help improve - and sometimes even save - lives. More on our mission here. attracts about 24 million visits each month - and we reach many millions of other people through the vast distribution we have developed, including:

  • our tremendous partnerships with MSN and Yahoo
  • our presence on multiple news platforms--such as Apple News, Google News, Flipboard, SmartNews, and Newsbreak,
  • our robust presence on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Over a decade ago, we decided we could leverage our publishing expertise and further our mission by helping healing professionals build their businesses and connect with more of the people who need their expertise. And YourTango Experts was born!

We have since served as a powerful marketing, PR, publishing and community resource for healers and helpers of all stripes: from therapists to coaches to counselors to mediators to MDs and many others. We are eager to help you, too!

YourTango Experts offers you an invaluable source of inspiration and validation; a treasure trove of actionable insights, tips, hacks, and how-tos; a sounding board and caring community of peers and publishing professionals.

We're insiders who care deeply about making the world a better place through providing healing and mental health resources. We know how critical it is for professionals like you to connect successfully with the people who need your expertise, care and unique insights.

Whether you simply want to practice your craft and are looking for support to do so; or are switching gears as a healer or helper; are launching or building a healing business; are interested in having your voice and insights amplified; are looking to build your brand; and/or connect productively with other healing professionals, membership in YourTango Experts will help you.

It's never been more important to have a strong online presence and to be part of a collaborative sandbox of your peers. And there's never been a better time to feel energized, engaged, and empowered as a healing/helping professional.

That's why we are here! YourTango Experts is here to help you, as a healer or helper, succeed in doing the important work that you do.

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We currently offer three YourTango Expert membership levels:

  • The Essential YourTango Experts Membership
  • The Premium Publishing Membership
  • The VIP Publishing Membership


An Essential YourTango Expert Membership Provides Innumerable Benefits:

Help Building Your "Personal Brand" and Generating PR for You!

  • Many members rave how YourTango is their "PR Agency"! If you want help with your PR and building your personal brand, we got you.
    • It is easy to get quoted: YourTango Experts members love and value how easy it is to get quoted in original YourTango articles that leverage their expertise.
  • Other favorite features that generate PR for our members include:
    • Participating in editorial "intensives," which are detailed, collaborative articles showcasing Experts’ perspectives on related topics. We make it super easy for you to contribute - lots of value with a low lift!
    • Writing your own articles and having them aggressively promoted – as detailed further below.
      • All YourTango Experts articles are featured on YourTango's homepage, search optimized and offered, as is appropriate, to our various partners, social outlets, featured in our newsletter and push notifications and so much more!
      • Every article features a short bio at the end. We call this your "call-to-action" so readers can quickly access your website and social media to learn more about you and your work.
    • Some of our experts have landed up on places like GMA, The Early Show, The Today Show, and other news programs; some have gotten book deals; some have gotten movie deals - and so much more thanks to their Essential YourTango Experts memberships.

Exclusive, Proprietary Survey Data and Invaluable Industry Insights

  • You will receive invaluable, proprietary insights from our ongoing surveys of helping and healing professionals. These actionable insights allow you to benchmark yourself against your peers, improve your decision-making as it relates to your business, and build a greater context as a healing/helping professional. Our goal in providing this curated data and careful analysis is to give you yet another helpful resource for your healing business.
  • You will be invited to participate in our surveys and will receive exclusive, insightful insights from the research we conduct one to two times per month.

Exclusive Thought Leaders and Speakers Series

  • YourTango hosts insightful, inspiring interactive sessions via Zoom with leading industry experts, thought leaders, and healing professionals, one to two times each month.
  • We handpick individuals to share invaluable insights that are inspirational and actionable.
    • We work with our speakers to unearth actionable insights, inspiring perspectives, and helpful frameworks that are meant to help you advance your business objectives and energize you as a healing professional
    • Industry experts run the gamut and cover topics such as:
      • How to successfully market yourself as a healing professional
      • How to get a book deal or a TED Talk
      • How to use social media to benefit your practice
      • How to start a podcast and
      • much, much more!
    • We take questions from the virtual audience and provide summarized, actionable takeaways (including easy hacks!) will be featured from each session

Weekly Business Coaching

  • This practical weekly coaching series is one of the core reasons why members love their YourTango Experts membership and are excited to be part of our community. WBC is experiential, interactive, friendly and often fun. It’s an informal forum that enables YourTango Experts members to connect with one another while also learning about various topics that impact their businesses. WBC provides accountability and support to members, enabling members to collectively achieve their business goals.
  • Every Thursday, this educational, collaborative one-hour virtual gathering is where we share emerging trends relevant to our members; insights to help you with everything from publishing to social media to staying true to your goals; how to improve the clickability of your “heds” and more!

Access to an Active, Engaged Community of Healing Professionals

  • We care deeply about bringing our membership together to support, share, and collaborate on everything from business projects to networking/forging new professional friendships. We have hundreds of healers that are active members of YourTango Experts who have a wonderful history of helping each other, communing and learning from one another. From answering each others' questions to providing helpful tips and hacks to providing empathy and validation: the YourTango Experts community is here for you!
  • Additionally, we connect you with our team of professional editors and marketers to explore proven methods for improving your writing, generating PR, tapping into what energizes you and more. You'll have access to private writing groups (starting this spring), Facebook and Slack groups, and various other forums as noted above.

Your business listed in the YourTango Experts Directory of Healers and Helpers

  • You will be featured in our directory of healing and helping professionals, which can be easily accessed by our huge audience of people who are looking for help around issues that align with your expertise.
  • You will build a robust profile page on YourTango that can be accessed from across the web, as well as our directory of healers.

Last, but not least! Kindred Spirits in the Healing & Helping Arts: We are here for you!

Being a healing professional can be isolating and challenging in innumerable ways. And yet, it's critically important work - more so than ever given the current mental health crisis enveloping much of our world – not to mention the innumerable additional changes we, as a society, face - from technology changing at warp speed to social media overload to dealing with Covid-19 variants and more. Life seems to be getting increasingly overwhelming.

In addition to the tools and resources above, we, as a collection of empathetic, purpose-driven professionals, are here to connect with you as a kindred spirit. We are eager to energize you as a healing professional: to feel less isolated and burned out and instead to feel invigorated by being part of an impassioned, purpose-driven community; inspired to build your business; fired up to help your clients and perhaps impact a much larger audience, well beyond your base of clients.

And, crucially, motivated to look within yourself and remember why you decided to dedicate yourself to being a healing professional. You have a LOT to offer the world. We know that. We hope to help you tap into your passion and expertise and partner with you to make the world a better place together.


The YourTango Experts Premium Publishing Membership:

If you are interested in publishing high quality, professionally-edited articles that feature carefully crafted, clickable headlines, that get significant promotion on YourTango and across the web, please keep reading!

YourTango's Expert Premium Publishing program may be for you. By joining this elite program, you would get all of the benefits of the YourTango Experts Essential Member as well as gain access to:

YourTango's Powerful Publishing Platform, including Editorial Support & Tools

  • As a YourTango Experts member, you can access YourTango's vast publishing platform, including the ability to publish articles you write by submitting them to our content management system (CMS).
  • We offer truly incredible resources for writers of all stripes - from seasoned, published authors to those who haven't written a thing since presenting their Master's thesis. We offer you:
    • A regularly refreshed selection of "Hot Topics" and content ideas
    • Editorial feedback on all articles that are submitted
    • Light edits on all articles we select for publication from our super star editorial department, including, crucially, clickable, inviting titles – without being "clickbait"
    • Templates and outlines to help you structure your writing for maximum impact and clarity
    • Tools, editorial assistance and education: from helping with conceptualization to suggestions for showing up better in search results, YourTango editors offer insights and guidance to help you improve your writing and greatly expand the reach of your articles.

Promotion of Each article to include:

  • Feature each approved article on our Homepage, on our Experts landing page, on the relevant landing pages as is appropriate, ie our love, family, self, health & wellness, news & entertainment, heartbreak, and/or zodiac landing pages, based on our editorial guidelines
  • Feature each approved article Internal promotion where appropriate so that the article can get traffic based on people reading other reasonably related articles; internal content recommendation units, etc
  • We will consider promoting each article in our main newsletter and through our Push notifications (now reaching a combined audience of about 600,000 subscribers)
  • Based on suitability and at our discretion, we will offer approved articles to the news aggregators we work with
    • Apple News
    • Flipboard
    • Smart News
    • NewsBreak
    • As well, possibly, to the appropriate social outlets - ie Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to our key publishing partners
  • Your branding:
    • Each article will feature a short, professional bio highlighting your credentials, website and/or social media accounts; to be approved by YourTango

The YourTango Experts VIP Publishing Program

In this exclusive, high-touch membership, you will receive all of the benefits of the Essential and Publishing memberships, plus:

  • One-on-one access to an editor to assist in strategizing, editing and providing feedback for six high-value articles on YourTango, tailored to your area of expertise
  • Intensive editorial support, including multiple calls and emails with our superstar editorial team over the course of this one year period
  • Each of the six articles will be aggressively promoted on YourTango and to our broader platform, as noted below
  • A super helpful writing toolkit and editorial resources package when you sign up to improve your writing skills and make publishing high-value articles easier , less intimidating and more impactful for you
  • Your branding:
    • Each article will include the VIP member’s professional bio featuring your credentials, website and/or social media accounts; to be mutually agreed upon with YourTango Experts Editor.
    • VIP may propose video content (or other imbeds) to be featured in these articles, subject to the approval of the YourTango Experts editor

Promotion of Each VIP article to include:

  • Feature each article on our Homepage, our Experts landing page, and on the relevant landing pages based on our editorial guidelines
  • Extra internal promotion on so that more people in our vast audience can read your articles
  • We will feature each article in our main newsletter and possibly through our Push notifications, which is now nearly 400,000 subscribers in aggregate
  • Based on their suitability and at our discretion, we will feature them on the appropriate social outlets - ie Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter
  • Based on their suitability and at our discretion, we will offer them to the news aggregators we work with Apple News, Flipboard, Smart News and NewsBreak
  • Based on their suitability and at our discretion, we will offer to our major publishing partners

YourTango has built up a vast distribution for our stories, articles and advice! In fact plenty of other publishers end up linking to our stories and/or writing stories about our stories! Throughout 2022, we will continue to grow our distribution.

Please reach out to learn more about this exclusive program. We invite you to email us or schedule a call with one of our team members.

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