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The 5 Types Of Men MOST Likely To Cheat

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5 Types Of Men Likley To Cheat

It hurts when the person you love the most cheats on you. Sometimes, you never trusted them to begin with. Sometimes the cheating just knocks you over and takes your breath away because you never suspected and are the last to know.

Women cheat as much as men, but men are always blamed for the majority of the cheating. Women have caught up with the cheating game and I wouldn’t be surprised if they surpass men in this area. Both cheat for different reasons, but women are more likely to first cheat at work.

So…what does all of this cheating mean for your relationship? I hope it means nothing, but if you do have this problem, kick that cheating loser to the curb!

The biggest piece of relationship advice I could give you would be to learn to identify the signs of a cheater and the types of men who are most likely to cheat before you are too emotionally involved with one of these guys! 

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As part of my LoveTalk with Susan series, I've discussed the types of men that are likely to cheat. We will also be talking about signs your partner is cheating on you, and how to catch a cheater.

Remember though it doesn’t take two to make a relationship go down the tubes like they say. It only takes one that wants to leave you for someone they are cheating on you with! Meanwhile, what can you do to steer clear of a cheater, to begin with? Are there signs a man is more likely to cheat?

According to a 2010 study, men with a lower IQ are more likely to cheat than an intelligent man. I have seen lots of intelligent men cheat though so read on for the types of men, in my book, who are likely to cheat:

1. The "playa" or playboy

You've seen this guy before. He has a line of women that he claims to be just friends who are texting him at 2am like it’s noon. He likes all the hot, airbrushed bikini-clad women on Instagram and he is always looking for the next best thing while out on a date. He can’t stop flirting at the bar. The list is endless.

Don’t be flattered by his attention. You aren’t the one who is going to change him. Run!

2. The serial cheater

He’s the guy that ends every relationship he has ever had with cheating.

Don’t ask me if he just wanted you to break up with him because he was avoiding the conversation or if he just tires of every girlfriend and moves on and forgets to break up. You have seen him before, though.

3. The bored cheater

This guy is just bored. You might be boring him, he might be boring, or whatever. He might cheat if the opportunity presents itself. This type of guy you can forgive and he might feel bad and make it up to you.

He is probably a one-time cheater. It still hurts but at least he doesn’t have a new woman every week.

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4. The powerful and influential man

You have seen this guy over and over in DC. There is always a cheater of the week like this on TMZ, too.

Women drop at his feet because he has power and that’s intoxicating. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have integrity. He thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

5. The one who married you because you look good on paper

Ladies, let’s face it. You are just as guilty as this one but guys have been doing this longer. They need to take the appropriate lady home to momma but they really crave the hot waitress.

Don’t marry him. You should be able to feel it isn’t right and it’s just a business arrangement or will be soon.

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