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10 years +


Morgantown WV 26501 - United States



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Energy Healer, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, YourTango Expert Partner



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The difference between people who are wildly successful in love, and those who aren't... is the wild ones NEVER give up!

About Dina Colada

Ready to discover Secrets About Love? I'm here to help!


It's ALWAYS been my goal in life to be successful in love and business— and now I help others do both!


I’m Dina Colada (and I know it’s a little crazy)— but I’m a dating coach, entrepreneur, and copywriter. 


Because I have torrid love affairs with words, people, and life!   


My writing and coaching in the dating and love space are geared toward helping women— and I write juicy online dating profiles.


In the business world, I write high-converting sales copy for coaches, consultants, and eCommerce sites. 




You might want help with your love life...


Or you might need help amping up your business...


But maybe not both.


So I want to make sure you know how I can help YOU!


Looking for love? Here’s how I can help…


If you’re tired of going on a date after date after date and NEVER finding a GREAT guy to stick around… I can help with my books, courses, and coaching. DinaColada.com


Need more sales? Here’s how I can help…


If you’re tired of NOT making enough money in your business… no matter how hard you try… I can help you increase your sales and strategy wit marketing consulting and copywriting services. DinaColadaCopy.com


Want to connect and see if we're a good fit? Feel free to contact me on the right website for you. in touch.




Dina Colada 

Dating Coach and Direct Response Copywriter



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