Business Management

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10 years +


Drumettaz-Clarafond A69 73420 - France



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Burnout Coach, Business Coach, Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Spiritual Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

In a global workplace where everybody is asked to fit and compete, be brave and revel. Craft the job your soul is calling for.

About Dalila Hernandez

As Talents Coaches, we serve incredibly talented and brilliant people that have a craving coming from the soul to experience work as a joyful and fulfilled path to impact in a profound way. Have you ever felt at work as a bonsai tree? Bonsai trees have the same potential to grow as big as any other tree but since they are confined into a very small space, they are incapable to expand to their maximum capacity.

You know you have precious talents but you might feel that they remain underutilized at your current job. Probably your soul is asking you to leave that job so you can devote your time and talents to do what you love to do but it is unclear for you where to start. This is where we come in!

We can help you shape the life and career you feel you were born to give birth. The bonsai tree was meant to be small but NOT YOU. You were born to manifest in grandeur, having the life you would love to have while making the contribution at work you would feel fulfilled while doing it, in your own terms. You can shift the way you perceive your life and work from feeling you are carrying a heavy load in your arms to experience them as a conduit for your wellbeing and fulfillment.

Bere is an expert in Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace and Dal is an expert on Ethical and Spiritual Leadership. We Walk The Talk: We couldn’t name ourselves that way if we were not devoted to our own personal growth path. Here are the facts:

Age we started therapy: 11 and 6, respectively.
Hours devoted to meditation: 10,000 guided by A Course in Miracles
Number of certifications as professional Coaches: 6
Number of Coaching sessions delivered: +1,000

We are sisters and proudly Mexicans living abroad. We have had the blessing to guide clients from Americas and Europe. While living in Barcelona, Bere enjoys every single moment with her 2-year old Mateo. She loves tacos and having long and meaningful conversations. While living in the French Alps, Dal adores watching her 2 kids playing on her yard with the mountains in the background. Her laughs is contagious and explosive.