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Man's First Date With A Medium Goes Wrong After She Says His Grandmother Had A Message For Him While They Were Intimate

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Bad hygiene, a catfish, an ex running into you mid-conversation — there’s undoubtedly a wheelhouse of things that can make a first date go astray

“My first proper date of the year,” one Redditor embarrassingly writes on the r/tifu forum, “I get f—ing haunted during sex.” 

The ‘Today, I F–ed Up’ Reddit, or r/tifu, forum is a place where users can share their hilarious stories about when they found themselves in a strange or awkward situation. 

Surely, nothing could be more awkward than this man’s post-first date experience — being joined by his grandmother who passed away just weeks before. 

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While intimate with a medium, this man was interrupted by a message from his deceased grandmother. 

This 28-year-old found himself back at home with his 25-year-old date — what he calls “the end result of a successful first date.” 

Things took a turn, though, when the couple moved into the bedroom. 

“As soon as the two of us were naked in bed, she froze and asked if I lost a loved one recently.” 



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Completely caught off guard, the user details trying to occupy himself with her instead of answering her strange question. 

After a couple of minutes, while he tried to move things along, she asked again — “I didn’t answer at first, but she asked again.”

He was in the middle of getting intimate with her so while it was a shock due to his date’s interesting timing, he mentions that it wasn’t completely random for her to mention something supernatural. 

“She did mention that she had a sixth sense when we were getting to know each other,” he says, “but we never discussed it in detail.” 

Wary of ghosts, he was thrown off when his medium date recalled his grandmother’s name. 

Feeling pressured now to answer her question, the Reddit man responded that he had lost his grandma just a short time prior to their date. 

Nodding her head, the date looked down at him to say, “she felt my grandma’s presence.” To make things even more uncomfortable, she added that his grandmother had a message for him. 

“At that moment, I was doing everything I could in the p— eating department to distract my date from talking about my dead grandmother,” he recalls. “I told her I didn’t believe in ghosts.” 

Trying his hardest, his efforts clearly failed as the medium proceeded to relay his grandmother’s important message. 

“She knew my grandma’s name, which was another detail I never shared,” he admits. 

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Dumbfounded and naked, the man listened to his grandmother’s important message through the medium. 

He writes not even his skills in the bedroom could stop his date from telling him, “that my grandma wanted me to forgive my brother.” 

Still clenching his anti-ghost ideology, he felt caught off guard by his date’s words — “I stopped what I was doing and asked my date what she meant.” 

“A few years ago,” he details in the post, “my brother hooked up with my gf (now ex). I hated him afterward and our relationship become nonexistent.” 

An embarrassing and heartbreaking story, this man knew he had never told that story to anyone — especially to a girl he’d just met on their first date. 

“Somehow she knew,” he wrote about his medium date. “When I asked my date how she knew that, she said my grandma.”

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Absolutely and completely ‘turned off’, the medium confirmed his grandmother could see their intimate scene. 

Thrown off by his skepticism fading, he asked the medium “If my grandma could actually see what we were doing.” 

If nothing else could ruin the vibe more, his date responded with, “Yes.” 

Horrified, the disgusted Redditor immediately began backstepping away from his supposedly “successful” date

“My d— has been soft ever since. Sex was no longer possible for me when I imagined my ghost granny, not only watching me during sex but also feeding my partner sensitive information about me from beyond the grave.” 

Cue celibacy for this Reddit man. And forget any chance at a second date for this medium. 

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