85 Eye-Opening R.M. Drake Quotes On Life, Love, & Happiness

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I’m a person of too much thought. A wanderer — physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes I find myself feeling trapped in a situation I had no intention of getting in.

When that happens I have to deal with it the best way I can.

My way is through reading poems and literature that speak to me on a personal level. Things I can read that speak for me when I can't come up with words myself.

R.M Drake's quotes and short poetry have a special touch.

Known for his best-selling poetry books Beautiful Chaos and Black Butterfly, his words on life, love, and everything else in between are filled with emotions that everyone (including his 2 million+ Instagram followers) can relate to.

His poems are like the fountain of youth — keeping our emotions alive and reminding us that we are not alone.

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If you ever find yourself lost for words because you’re heartbroken, upset, angry, or maybe just feel alone, read through some of his writing and you might find something that you, too, can latch on to for comfort.

Because in truth, heartfelt poems know our emotions better than we do.

1. "And right before we departed / we had a moment and that's when / I knew, how sometimes the most / beautiful things in life were meant / to be broken and how sometimes / the most beautiful people were / meant to be left alone."

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2. “This is your life. Make it count. Make your own validation. Your own path. Your own way of life. You are enough. And you are not broken. You're a lot stronger than you want to believe. Now breathe.”

3. "It is not about the places you have seen or the things you own. It is about the people you meet and the way they make you feel. So pick and choose. You do not need all of them to make it through the day, just a few and there are always a few good people coming in and out of your life. So please do not be afraid. Keep their trust. Their friendship is important."

4. “It took everything out of you to heal. To get over / your past. But don’t be afraid to love again. To take / the risk. To possibly get hurt. Again. You’re a lot / stronger than you think.”

5. “You’re strong because you left someone / who did you wrong and it was someone you / never thought you’d leave. That’s a brave / thing to do… to look beyond what you want / and envision what you need.”

6. “You’ll know how much they / care. By what they are willing / to go through for you.”

7. "But sometimes her heart feels / like a small room with a / thousand people and none have / the courage to leave."

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8. “It’s sad but true. Some people / become strangers just as fast as / you fell in love with them.”

9. “One day / the right kind of love / will find you. / And it will be / at the right time. / It will be / when you need it most.”

10. “You’ll know if it’s real. By / the way they make you feel.”

11. “Love who you want to love. Life is / too short to do anything else.”

12. “You don’t know heartbreak. Until you lose / something you were willing to change for.”

13. "Maybe one day we'll finally / learn to love ourselves and / stop apologizing for the things / that make us who we are."

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14. “I’m moving on. But not just from the people who’ve done / me wrong. But from my own doubts. My / own heaviness. I’m learning how to appreciate my flaws. / And I’m learning to let things go in order to grow.”

15. “The right people will love you differently. / And you won’t have to second guess it or  / question it. You’ll just know. / It’ll be that / real. It’ll be that deep.”

16. “One day everything that broke you will make / sense. And you will know why it happened the / way it happened. And at what cost. And why it / hurt the way it hurt.”

17. “You’ll never be happy with / yourself. If you don’t follow / all the things you feel.”

18. “That’s just the way things are. No matter how / bad we hurt. In the end. We are going to love / who we love. No matter what.”

19. "Sometimes your scars have / a lot less to do with where / you've been and a lot more / to do with where you're / going."

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20. “Make sure you find someone / that’s on the same page as you. / The last thing you want is. To be in a relationship where you / feel like you’re the only one in / the relationship. That’s all.”

21. “Find something / to love. / To hold on to. / If you have / this opportunity / Give in to it.”

22. “Sometimes doing what’s / right for you is the hardest / thing in the world.”

23. “Overthinking will not just kill / your mind but it will also kill / your heart. Your soul. Your / mood. Your magic. And love.”

24. “The truth is. You need someone who / is willing to catch you if you fall. Not / hold on and let go the moment you / disagree on something.”

25. "Your suicide happened / the moment society / made you feel ugly / and you believed it."

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26. “It’s simple. Don’t open her / heart if you’re not willing to / stay. That’s all.”

27. “You cannot / force love. / You cannot / make people care. / Those things should happen / naturally. / You cannot force / a flower to bloom. / You cannot tell / the sun / when to rise.”

28. “The truth is simple. Don’t ever open the heart of / someone you don’t plan to love.”

29. “People don’t belong to us. / And that’s the beauty of it all. / Because the ones who stay, / stay because they want to and / not because you need them / to. That’s all.”

30. “That’s the thing. Some of us are / still in love with people who / don’t belong to us.”

31. "And in that moment, all / I could remember was our / goodbye and how every / moment spent was like I / never knew you at all."

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32. “Yes, my love, bad things will happen. / But you know what else will happen? / You. will. get. over. them.”

33. “The best lesson / you can ever give someone / is / the realization / of self-love. / And that alone / is the most / valuable lesson / in the world.”

34. “You don’t know where to begin. But I / will tell you that none of us really do. / That none of us have the slightest clue. / But I will also say this. Start now. / Because you. Are. Ready. You are now.”

35. “I know sometimes you feel lonely. / But dear, please don’t waste your / time on people who make you feel / even more alone.”

36. “The moment you begin to love / yourself for who you are. Is the / moment a lot of your problems / get resolved. Breathe this.”

37. "In the end, she became / more than what she expected. / She became the journey, / and like all journeys, / she did not end, she just / simply changed directions / and kept going."

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38. “You shouldn’t / have to fight / so hard / to be loved.”

39. “Sometimes you meet someone and / it is instant. / They make you feel / more at home than those you have / known all your life. You feel it / and you just know it is meant to / last forever.”

40. “You’re never too old or too young / for love. When it happens, it / happens. When it’s meant to be, / it’s meant to be. Remember that.”

41. “Some people / will make you ache / harder than others. / but you must always / remember / that / they, too / are part / of your journey.”

42. “I’ve had enough chaos in my life that I only / seek peace. I only seek love. Seek friendship. / Trust. That’s all I wish for. Someone who I can / be real with. And become someone who can keep it / real with me. Balance.”

43. "It hurts because you feel / too much, because you care / too much and because you / feel connected to it all / no matter how far you go."

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44. “I am proud of you. Because after everything you’ve / been through. You are still here. And you are still / smiling and laughing regardless of all the bull— / you’ve been through. You haven’t let anything break / you. You are as strong as they come.”

45. “‘How will I know / if they care about me?’ / Said the girl / to her father. / ‘You won’t know. / Not ever. / You just have to trust / their actions. / And not / their words.’”

46. “It hurts to say. / But some people only / come into your life. / To show you how / much you deserve.”

47. “No one is going to know how / broken you feel. Not unless you / open up. Not unless you let them / in. Being vulnerable is not such a / bad thing. It, too, can be healing.”


48. “You’re a work / in progress / therefore, / it’s okay / to cut any loose ends. / It only means / you’re making space / for something new / to grow.”

49. "Sad girl, / inside and out, / you're very beautiful. / So I'm sure you'll have / the opportunity to love again. / Just keep going / and it will find you."

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50. “May the people you want to love, love you. Especially / when you feel broken. / When you need them the most.”

51. “Your silence told me what your / heart couldn’t. And sadly, it was / louder than words.”

52. “You don’t always get the closure you / want. But you will always get the / outcome you need. Everything / happens for a reason. / Everything that / hurts shall pass.”

53. “You have to stop returning to the same / place that broke you. No matter how / much history you have. You’re not going / to find healing there. Only empty rooms / and broken windows. Please leave and / don’t come back.”

54. “I hope you understand. That if they want you. They / will show it. No one is going to want something and let it / slip away. That’s not how the human heart works.”

55. "We must understand... how / sadness is an ocean and / sometimes we drown, while / other days we are forced to swim."

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56. “The universe is working on you. It is / always working on you. That’s all.”

57. “Perhaps. The problem is. You overthink / too much. And you don’t allow yourself / to feel what your heart wants to feel.”

58. “Be open with people. Pour yourself out. / Because being honest shouldn’t diminish a / real bond. And being yourself shouldn’t / destroy a real friendship. And saying / what’s in your heart shouldn’t break a real / relationship.”

59. “‘I miss you but I don’t want you back.’ / This is how you know you’ve moved on.”

60. “Sometimes / they leave for the best. / And that’s where / that ends. / That’s where / you begin.”

61. "There are some days where I / feel like no matter where I / go, I always end up feeling / the same, because all places / are the same in the end. Or / maybe it's just me and no / matter where I go, I could / never run far enough from who / I am, and I could never run / far enough from everything / that hurts."

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62. “It’s okay to be sad. Especially after / doing something you didn’t want to / do but deep down inside you knew it / was for the best.”

63. “How beautiful it is to know they / love you. To feel it every day without / asking how they feel.”

64. “If it’s real / they won’t let you go / and if it’s meant / to be / they’ll follow you / no matter how far / you go.”

65. “Your friends will always bring you back / toward the light. They will always pull you out / of the deep end. Be kind to them. Because / friend is another word for family and family / does not let their own down.”

66. “You don’t hurt someone you want to / keep. You do them right… and let fate / decide if they get to stay or leave.”

67. "And yes, there are over / a million words in our / language but for some reason / none of them can describe / the way you make me feel."

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68. “People who’ve been through hell / only want attention and love. They / want peace and honesty. They want / something real and something worth / their time. That’s all.”

69. “The right people will always / find you at the right time.”

70. “Yes. My dear. Life is tough. But you / are a lot tougher and you have / survived harder wars.”

71. “A strong woman is still a strong / woman even if the world refuses to / acknowledge her.”

72. “The funny thing is, no one really knows / who they are. Not until they’ve been / broken. Not until they’ve lost someone / they really believed in.”

73. "Maybe we feel empty because / we leave pieces of ourselves / in everything we used to love."

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74. “I know it’s hard to forget someone you care / about because when you’ve built a home out of / someone… that kind of connection never goes / away, it stays with you whether they leave or not.”

75. “You don’t know what you’re made of until / you’re forced to let go of someone you love.”

76. “How could you / think you’re weak. / when every time you fall / you come back / stronger than before.”

77. “One day, you will be where / you want to be, and you / will find peace there and / who knows, maybe you / will even find love there.”

78. “The right person would know what to do with / your love. You won’t feel the need to explain / what you want or deserve. The right person / will give you enough and sometimes they’ll / give you even more. Stay beautiful, my friends.”

79. "The beauty of not knowing / how you feel is that one / day you'll realize that / not knowing was the only / way you'd find all the / feelings that were meant / to stay."

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80. “Maybe love isn’t what we’ve been told. / Maybe it’s not all romance and attraction. / Maybe love is a friend. Someone who / understands you. Someone who’s there for / you. Especially at your worst.”

81. “Don’t rush through your / healing process. Let it flow.”

82. “You’re too real for people. That’s why it’s hard for you to / open up. Because you know pain more than anything else. / And you don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”

83. “Be patient. Be still. And be kind to / your heart and to your body. / Everything you’ve been asking / yourself. Will be answered with time.”

84. “You think you need their love to / survive. But in reality, all you really / need is the love you have for yourself.”

85. "When I was with people I / would doze off and look at / the sky, and when I was alone / looking at the sky I would / think about people. I was / never in both places at one / time. Maybe I was crazy or / maybe I was like everyone / else. I wasn't happy in my / own reality, I wanted more."

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