Everything We Want In A Partner (But Shouldn't Have To Ask For)

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Everything We Want In A Partner But Shouldnt Have To Ask For

One thing that drives me crazy about the modern dating scene is how we all have to basically beg for our dates to treat us decently. We shouldn't ask for our partners to do these things or have these things, but these days, we do.

Here's everything most people really want in a partner and relationship, but shouldn't have to ask for.

1. We want a partner who treats us with respect.

This means that we want to have a partner who doesn't hit us, insult us, make jokes about us, or treat us like we're disposable. The problem is that we have to ask people just to behave in a decent manner with us half the time. And we still end up having to deal with ghosting, insults, and everything else, regardless.

2. We want a partner who will see our relationship as an equal partnership.


In other words, we don't want to have to be the one who does all the household chores and brings in all the money. The fact that so many women actually have to nag men to pick up after themselves is just sad.

3. We also want a partner who appreciates what we do.

We shouldn't have to ask for this, ever. However, most men just aren't appreciative of all the effort a woman puts in.

4. We want commitment.

When girls have to ask guys to be committed, there's a problem. Sadly, we live in the Age of the F*ckboy, so this is unfortunately common.

5. We want a partner who wants us.


A romantic partnership isn't romantic without sex. We shouldn't have to ask that our partner desire us in this way!

6. Actually, scrap that we want commitment that we don't have to browbeat, pester, and plead for.

It shouldn't have to be this extreme, but the fact is that there's a lot of women out there who are only in a relationship with a guy because they had to beg and plead for it. What good is commitment if we basically feel like we had to sell someone on the entire concept of it?

7. We want a partner who will be there for us, through thick and thin.

In the old days, people actually would be there for each other. Nowadays, most people bail the minute that stuff starts to go wrong. Where's the loyalty?

8. We want a partner who is financially stable.


It's hard to believe how many of us don't even have $1,000 in savings in the bank right now. (According to a recent study, that's about 63 percent of all Americans.) A little stability would go such a long way for most of us.

9. Actually, let's just work on the mental stability thing, too.

Ever notice how often our "dream dates" turn out to be total psychos? The fact that we have to ask others to just be mentally sane is both sad and very telling about the direction our society is going.

10. We want a partner that looks beyond our appearances.

In 30 years' time, most of the "handsome hunks" out there will not look so handsome anymore. Then again, neither will we. The shameful part about our society is that we are so heavily trained to look at someone's looks, we often forget that there's more to a person than just that.

11. Lastly, we want a partner who won't hurt us.


This means that they won't hurt us on either an emotional or a physical level. Is this too much to ask?