Myth-Busting: Does Parenthood Really Make You Happier? [VIDEO]

Conventional wisdom tells us that there are a few paths that lead to true happiness.  Not surprisingly, parenthood is often at the top of that list. But, we have to ask ourselves with today's level of stress, financial challenges and all that goes on when trying to make a relationship work, is this wisdom still true? 

Does becoming a parent truly lead to greater happiness?  

The truth is that parents and non-parents have been fighting about this for years.  So we decided to visit the research and dig into the facts.  In this video, author and Relationship Expert Lisa Steadman shares her findings.  

If you happen to be noodling on this question, Lisa's video will really give you something to chew on.  

Bottom line, there is no question that there are perks to being a parent OR being child-free. On one hand, making the decision to become a parent is a huge step in your relationship. On the other, becoming a parent is time-consuming, expensive and the effects last a long, long time.

Here are a few other interesting facts to consider:

According to Good Therapy, "parents reported higher levels of happiness in the year leading up to having their first child, and they were also happier in the year immediately after having their first child."

However, while this study supports the idea that kids are a source of happiness, The New York Times reported a bevy of research that supports the idea that "children do not bring happiness."  So which is the truth?

Can having children actually affect your relationship for better or worse?

Lisa raises a really valid point when she shares a recent study from Princeton that actually puts this question to bed, once and for all.

Watch her video and let us know, what side of the fence are you on? Share your thoughts in the comments below!