30 Reasons To Love Being A 30-Something Mom

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Face it moms, your 20s were full of DRA-MA. At least mine were. That's why I'm loving my 30s and these reasons:

1. Going out doesn't mean clubbing till 3 a.m. with bottle service. You're eating a beautiful kid-free meal and drinking just enough wine that you WON'T have a hangover when the kids wake you up at 6 am.

2. You no longer live in a shoebox where your bed, fridge, and shower are all in the same room. Whether you're in a spicy apt, multi-floor townhouse, or home with a sprawling yard—there is ROOM. You know, room to hide from your crazy kids!

3. You have a career. A real job where you are respected. Like, people are getting you coffee. And you have awesome kiddo-made art tacked up in your office. OFFICE—not cubicle.

4. Sex is amazing. It's just f*cking awesome. And you no longer need to refer to Cosmo when it comes to how to make him come, how to make you come—or how to do the flying, backwards unicorn position.

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This article was originally published at Momtastic. Reprinted with permission from the author.