Denver: Where Men Will Wine And Dine You

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If you're the type of woman who likes to be treated like a queen but are having trouble finding the right guy, you might want to take a trip to Colorado.

Denver has been named the city with the most generous single men, according to a study from, which found that guys there spend an average of $221 on the first date. The other cities in the top five were Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The researchers found that all 10 of the cities with the most giving men had low unemployment rates and a thriving real estate market. New York, one of the most expensive cities in the country, came in at No. 11. But that doesn't mean New York men refuse to drop cash on their romantic interests: They actually spend about $145 on the first date, according to the study. MyDaily: Men Want Relationships More Than Women

"Women love generous and giving men," said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO. "That's because generosity is the material manifestation of love. While a woman can show her love, care and tenderness in many ways, men in general lack this skill."

If there's a big spender list, there has to be a cheap date list too, right? The findings showed that Cincinnati had the stingiest men, who tend to put down about $72 on the first date. Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas and London followed.

Although the study focused on the U.S., London—where guys spend an average of $98 on first dates—and Toronto (which was listed as having the sixth most generous men) also were included in the lists.

If men don't have huge bank accounts at their disposal, Wade has some advice.

"Money is one way to show generosity," Wade explained. "The financially poor man will need to learn to show his generosity in other ways: by being generous with his time, giving undivided attention, having deep conversations, demonstrating greater understanding and having patience. Unfortunately, these are qualities that many men lack. In today's society, most females don't want to date cheap and rude male chauvinistic pigs."

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