Couples That Sit Next To Each Other While Dining

Eating. Its something that by nature everyone has to do, and sometimes you’re even lucky enough to have someone to eat with. Often times though youre out eating with your friends and you get to witness couples eating out at a restaurant. There are two types of couples; the ones who sit across from each other like normal human beings and the type who sit next to each other eating off each others faces. Gross. As you can tell by my bias, I think that couples who engage in this kind of PDA behavior are inappropriate and often times over compensating for something. Maybe they lack intimacy in their relationship or even worse one is cheating on the other or thinking about cheating and this is there way of making up for it without the other person eating. It might even be viewed as signs of infidelity. In my opinion, eating time is for eating. If you are going to have dinner as a couple, please be courteous of everyone around you to not be so PDA. Dinner time is a time where you can both talk about your day and get to know each other further, not feed each other and stare deep into each others eyes. Save that for when youre alone at home or somewhere less public. Stop wasting the waiters time and the restaurants space and act like civilized human beings. What do you guys think?
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