How To Love Your Post-Pregnancy Body

woman applying makeup in mirror

I know that as a mom, I have had a hard time accepting my mom body. There are days and times when I look in the mirror and say, "Damn girl, you are lookin' HAWT!" and there are still other days when I look in the mirror and think, "what in the world happened to my body?" I know that this is not specific to being a mom. I talk to women all the time who feel this way.

As I taught the Sexy Mom's night recently, the conversation barely went beyond me asking the question, "What makes you feel sexy?" Many of the women in the room drew a complete blank for an answer. My response at the time just as my response in this post is, FIND WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL SEXY. For me it can change day to day and hour to hour, sometimes it is simple like a compliment from a stranger, other times it is putting on my favorite piece of lingerie or vibrating panties when I know I am going out with my partner for a night on the town.

The other piece of advice that has helped me feel sexier is doing direct mirror exercises. Stand in front of a mirror (preferably full-length) start out fully clothed and tell yourself something that you like about you, like your eyes/butt/arms/etc. Really play with this. Flex your muscles, bat your eyes, smack your booty. Yes, you will probably feel silly for the first few times but eventually you will see how much you appreciate yourself. Once you are feeling good about that part of you, move on to another part of your body that you may not love. Really take the time to understand why you may not like this part of your body and tell yourself, "I am beautiful, all of me, I am beautiful." Then compliment that part of your body, look at your eyes/butt/arms/etc. from different angles try with different clothes or no clothes, find what makes you feel confident about that part of you. Hold this positive feeling. End this exercise by talking to yourself and saying the positive things that you just discovered. Do this everyday for a month and see how you feel.

These exercises helped me to accept the parts of my body that I had a hard time accepting post child birth. I often have to go back and do the exercises on a regular basis and it always helps me to feel good about my body in its ever changing state.

Written by Shannon for Moms in Babeland.

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