Heartbreak, Sex

Three Is A Crowd

Three is a crowd

Threesomes. The act that every guy has dreamt about since he realized
what sex was but is incredibly elusive, mostly because girls rarely
consent to it. So away in the back of our mind this seemingly impossible
act will sit for years until we may just get lucky enough to have it
come true. But like a dog that randomly chases a car that wouldn’t know
what to do with it if it caught the car, what do we do when get our
dream for a threesome? I think some rules and boundaries are in order
just so that like boy scouts, we can be prepared for when the situation
First of all, odds are that you wont get lucky enough to do it with two
random girls unless you find them on craigslist, in which case, after the affair, you may also find yourself with a nice.... to read more and comment anonymously