Buying A Hristmas Gift For Your Mistress

In the spirit of the holiday everyone is out buying presents. Presents for family, friends, co-workers and even mistresses. If you’re having an affair, does it make it worse if you get your mistress a holiday gift? At what point does it go from being an affair to being a full blown relationship? I personally think that if you’re going out of your way to get your mistress something then you clearly have feelings for her beyond the point of them being purely sexual, you’re starting to establish an emotional connection. You’ve gone far beyond the realm of return here because you aren’t just thinking about cheating now- you are actually doing it. I also think that when you start buying your mistress presents and seeing her as your girlfriend, should your actual girlfriend find out she is much less likely to forgive you and take you back. I think its one thing to have an affair and cheat on someone, but an entirely different thing to establish a lasting relationship with this person. What do you guys think? Should your mistress be left out of your holiday shopping?

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