Diamonds: Do All Women Secretly Want Them?

are diamonds the best gift for a woman?

On a recent episode of Parks and Recreation, Tom (played by the genius Aziz Ansari) claims to know what women really want. When discussing gift options with Mark (Paul Schneider) on the Amy Poehler-driven sitcom, he stressed the importance of giving a girl's best friend:

"Women love diamonds, even the super left-wing chicks who saw Blood Diamond and cried. When they get one, they're like 'Yea! Give me more blood diamonds. Make them extra bloody.'" No Boyfriend, No Bling

Mark, on the other hand, planned to give his girlfriend, Ann (Rashida Jones), a laptop case. She had mentioned she needed one two months prior, and Mark believed that this, while being totally practical (and somewhat ho-hum), was truly the ultimate present (to remember and surprise her). As a generally unfussy bunch, we here at Love Buzz would have to side with Mark. But are we simply those left-wing chicks with a secret penchant for cold, hard carbon?

We wonder: will the ubiquity of diamond engagement rings and pendant necklaces from mall jewelry stores ever change the stone's reputation from coveted to commonplace? We've already noticed a shift towards non-diamond engagement rings. Is this a passing trend, or will diamonds always rule the jewelry-gifting roost? 17 Holiday Gifts Women Really Want

Readers, what are your thoughts? Are diamonds truly the ultimate gift? Or is thoughtfulness a better present?

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC Thursdays at 8:30pm EST.

Photo: NBC

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