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Explained: Why Men Go For Certain Types

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There's a short brunette with dimples, and we catch eyes. I go for short brunettes with dimples all the time. Short, dimpled brunettes rule. Yet her polished, frosted-blonde friend, clutching a Manhattan, calls to me. I like everything about the brunette, but I ask the blonde out. Lemondrop: Brunettes Are Better Paid Than Blondes

A week later, I'm at dinner with Frosted. Turns out, she's casually racist.

I've got this close female friend who always asks me why the hell I chose to approach one girl over another girl when one is clearly better for me in every way and probably wouldn't deny the Holocaust before she got her entree. Lemondrop: Film Exposes Nazi Germany's Olympics Gender-Bending Scandal

It's a valid question: All things being equal, why do guys choose one woman over another?

OK, let's discuss this over a drink. (I'm having bourbon.)

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