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Top 10 Sexiest Female Stars Of 2009

10 sexiest women of 2009

Not only do this year's 10 sexiest women have unearthly good looks, they have oodles of talent. As hard-working as they are, they sure don't have to work hard for compliments.

1. Lady Gaga
Gaga exploded this year with her album The Fame. With her off-the-wall style, insanely creative videos and generally outrageous public persona, Gaga embodies a fearless, unique self-confident sexiness we should all learn from. 7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are

2. Michelle Obama
The first lady is a genuine star, and she's one half of a seemingly excellent marriage. Obama's sex appeal comes from intelligence, dignity and kindness: a perfect for any lady, especially a First Lady. Best Dating Advice Ever From Michelle Obama

3. Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde has been busy… though until her turn in House, she hasn't been particularly well-known. Why do we love her so much? Not only is she amazingly talented, but she's also a secretly smart political genius. Plus, Maxim magazine named her of 2009's hottest women—a high honor, indeed.

4. Rihanna
Rihanna's public battle with domestic violence nearly overshadowed her singing career—until she came back with an incredible album, Rated R. We're rooting for you, Rihanna. Make us proud. Are Apologies Enough After Domestic Abuse?

5. Gabourey Sidibe
This year's indie film breakout sensation, the star of Precious is a killer actress, dancer and late-night talk show interviewee. Earlier this year the plus-size actress said, "One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body." Amen to self-acceptance and self-love. Flaws? Scars? How To Look Past Your Imperfect Body

6. Mila Kunis
She's not just that '70s girl anymore. Since exploding onto the scene with a role in That '70s Show, she's since bloomed into a brunette bombshell, makes us laugh to boot, with starring roles in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in addition to lending her voice to the character of Meg on Family Guy.

7. Eva Longoria Parker
Parker can't be too desperate for attention. Since landing a leading role on Desperate Housewives, this hot Latina seems to be everywhere we turn, and rumor has it that she imposed a sex ban before her wedding to husband Tony Parker; we love a woman who's in control of her sexuality.

8. Blake Lively
She waltzed onto our radars with childlike innocence in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but has since proven herself capable of high Hollywood glamour, both on the red carpet and in the ever-scandalous TV show Gossip Girl. With legs that go on for miles, and the new "it" hairstyle, Lively proves that blondes really do have more fun. The 10 Most Fascinating On-Screen Couples Of 2009

9. Heidi Klum
We have to give it to Heidi. Throughout her pregnancy, she remained a major fashion icon and, after giving birth, quickly got herself back into tip-top supermodel shape. Now that's how to "make it work." Though Heidi is known for telling others "one day you're in, and the next, you're out," we don't really believe that there will ever be a day when Heidi is no longer in. Loving A Post-Baby Body

10. Ellen Degeneres
We have a never-ending crush on Ellen, who proved that an over-50, vegan lesbian can sell makeup to mainstream America, as a CoverGirl model. Ellen, we'll buy whatever you're selling.

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