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Husband Injects Wife With HIV To Get Laid

man injects wife with HIV

Of all the crazy schemes men use to get laid, this one has got to rank at the most vile. That's both saying a lot and putting this catastrophe mildly. Men And Women And Why Their "Counts" Don't Add Up

According to a report at The Huffington Post, a 35-year-old HIV-positive man in New Zealand injected his sleeping HIV-negative wife with the virus so she'd pony up and have sex with him.

After finding out her husband tested positive for the virus while she and her children remained HIV-free, the wife agreed to protected sex with him. While she continued to receive negative results, she grew increasingly paranoid about contracting the disease and cut him off around 2007. The husband didn't take lightly to this no-sex measure and decided to solve this little problem by infecting his wife with HIV—guerilla style. The man reportedly dipped a sewing needle in his own blood and pricked her leg while she slept. Weirdest Thing A Guy's Asked You To Do In Bed

He did this twice, and after the second time the woman awoke with a blood-tinged scar on her leg, her husband (who was "wide awake" next to her) tried to conceal the"blood sprinkled" sheets. Finally she grew wise to his schemes when she came home from work and saw him tooling about with a syringe of his own blood.

After testing positive for the virus, the husband finally came clean—crying that he didn't want her to leave him and wanted her to experience the wonders of HIV with him. Fight HIV/AIDS With YourTango

He is due to be sentenced in the Auckland High Court early next year and will likely receive a 14-year or more jail sentence.

A few questions remain. Namely—wasn't the wife at all curious as to how he contracted the virus in the first place? If he tested positive in 2004, when did they marry and have children? And how long had she been sleeping and procreating with him while he was a carrier?

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