6 Powerful Pisces Colors For Luck, Love & Success

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Everyone has a favorite color, but what is the best color for the Pisces zodiac sign, according to astrology?

According to color theory, colors have a great way of conveying messages to us. For example, the color yellow supposedly makes us feel happy while the color red is known to make us alert and attentive.

We use these concepts to communicate with each other through everything we see.

In astrology, color theory can be applied to the 12 zodiac signs with each one assigned different zodiac colors that give off the same energy as that sign.

If you're a Pisces zodiac sign your personality may dictate how you feel about colors, and this is what makes certain shades best for you.

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Pisces is naturally very introverted and has a hard way of being open with others.

Despite being highly creative and passionate, their shy attitude sometimes makes it hard for them to express their inner creativity and passion.

It’s important to find ways to express yourself nonverbally in order to help your self-esteem, which can be done by utilizing Pisces colors.

If you are able to think of all the special traits about yourself that you would like emphasized, the best way to express that to others is through colors you use in your everyday life.

The best part about color theory is that it gives you the chance to choose how to express it in your everyday life. It can be through your clothes, your house decor, or a color scheme for your social media.

Whatever way you choose to do it, make it your own. Use your inner spirit and creative side to convey a feeling to everyone around you. It is the best way to tell everyone nonverbally who you are.

Best Pisces colors, according to astrology

Aquamarine is Pisces' power color, with green, purple, silver, lavender, and blue also being great colors for Pisces. 



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1. Aquamarine

As a water sign whose symbol is two fish, Pisces has a natural attraction to shades of blues and greens reminiscent of water.

According to color theory, aquamarine evokes a sense of relaxation and purity and promotes peacefulness, all traits analogous to Pisces.

Aquamarine is naturally calming for Pisces who feels right at home around this dreamy and delicate color.

2. Green

Green is a color that is usually associated with objects in nature like trees, grass, and flowers. This gives the color a down-to-earth vibe that can keep Pisces grounded when they get too lost in their own head.

In a spiritual sense, it represents a new beginning or "turning a new leaf." This is important to Pisces because new beginnings allow them to let go of the past and move forward.

Pisces loves turning introspection into great life lessons which makes them great decision-makers. A new slate is a perfect way to make improvements in their everyday life.

Pisces also love this color because it is great to convey to others their sense of balance and serenity.

3. Purple

Purple is a color that is associated with power and ambition. Spiritually, it can also represent fulfillment, peace, and vitality.

This color is special to Pisces because behind their softer exterior is someone who is very strong-minded and powerful. They have an inner strength that allows them to make good choices and perseverance through hardships.

Despite this, they can still remain peaceful and mindful of others in their everyday life.

This color can allow them to express this concept visually to others.

4. Silver

Silver is seen in objects that are high-tech, modern, and sophisticated.

Pisces love this color because usually silver is also associated with innovation or new original ideas.

Naturally, this sign is very creative and intuitive. Their intelligence and a great sense of imagination work hand in hand to help them with their innovative side.

Silver helps bring this energy out and inspires them to embrace it. Also, the color silver gives them a sense of contemporary style in their everyday life.

5. Lavender

This color is very similar to purple but slightly different. Lavender has a soft calming tone to it.

This shade comes naturally from the lavender plant which is known for its calming and sleep-inducing smell.

When life gets hectic, we may feel like we are being dragged through a tornado which causes us to become erratic. It's important to have a balance of innocence and softness in our life to offset the chaos.

Involving the color lavender in your life can help you give off the tone of being soft, delicate, and beautiful.

This color works the best with Pisces because they tend to be very sensitive people with simple needs and desires just like everyone else.

6. Blue

Blue is synonymous with the ocean and the sky. Because of how big our sky and oceans are, blue is also associated with mystery.

Giving people a sense of mystery about you can entice them to try to get to know you.

Sometimes, Pisces has a hard time getting people's attention due to their shy and introverted attitude. They are usually never the center of attention at social gatherings because they feel like many people will never understand them.

The key is to entice people in a nonverbal way.

The reason why people love mystery is because humans have a natural sense of curiosity for things behind the surface.

This works very well with the Pisces sign because on the outside they are very quiet and introverted with a wild imaginative personality deep inside.

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