About Jamie Berube

A Connecticut transplant currently writing, dreaming, and exploring my way through the sunshine state. My professional background extends to freelance writing for various digital and print platforms, social media management, social work, marketing, and project and business management. My love for people's stories and the beautiful, bizarre details of life are what inspire me to write. I believe the ocean, laughter, key lime pie, and Radiohead's "Kid A" album can cure most things. I am passionate in my belief in the Oxford comma and that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever live. And I try to never underestimate the power of paying attention. Contributor/ writer for Listicle.co, Yourtango.com, Deep South Magazine, Whole Life Times Magazine, Ocala Style Magazine, ThoughtCatalog.com, ProjectUnderBlog.com & DailySpark.com. Author behind everydaydolce.com and featured blogger for the American Recall Center.

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