10 Cozy Gift Ideas For People Who Are Always Cold

cozy gift ideas

Winter is finally here! This is something some people say when December comes, but there are others who say, "Oh no winter is here." This is because they are always cold and winter is a horrible season filled with chattering teeth and shivering bodies.

But those people have nothing to worry about this year, especially if you get them the perfect cozy gift to keep them warm 24/7. From cozy slippers to the warmest socks ever, Bombas is here to save your feet.

Bombas has the best cozy gift ideas available — and guess what? They're having a huge sale right now! 

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10 Cozy Gift Ideas To Get This Holiday Season

1. Mother and Child Slippers

Half slipper. Half sock. 100% comfortable.

Bombas made these Gripper Slippers with a new and improved fit that’s still super cozy. They also have a soft brushed lining on the inside to keep you toasty, and special grips on the outside to help prevent slipping. Plus, every pair comes with a little travel bag that makes packing a breeze.

While grippers are pretty good at helping to prevent slips, they’re not magic. So make sure your kids are extra careful and do their best to practice good coordination.


2. Merino Wool Sweater Quarter Socks

Imagine a wizard transformed your coziest sweater into a pair of socks. Well, start believing in magic, because Bombas' resident sock wizards have made a sock that's as soft, cozy, and perfect for wearing on brisk winter days as the coziest sweater out there.

Made with a Merino Wool blend, it's warm and festive, perfect for lounging, celebrating, and just generally snuggling up.


3. Frilly Sock Gift Box

Calling all frill-seekers: these sparkly frill-topped socks are for you. They’re lightweight, with no extra bulk, and have plenty of supportive comfort built right in.

They come in confident colors, with a bonus sparkly squiggle peeking out at the top, so you never have to worry about blending in again.


4. Festive Merino Wool Sock Gift Box

The gift that not only comes in a ready-to-gift box, but also checks all the boxes:

Made of incredibly soft Merino Wool, a magical wonder material that's mind-blowingly soft? Check.

Incredibly fun, winter patterns that everyone will fall in love with? Double check.

Donating essential socks to someone in need? Triple check. Actually, since this 4-pair gift box means 4 pairs donated, quadruple check!


5. Men's Gripper Slippers

These are festive on the outside, and cloud-like on the inside, with a fluffy sherpa lining that feels a thousand times better on feet than cold floors. They come with little grippers on the bottoms to help prevent slips while you wear them around the house.

Bombas has updated the fit so they’re a tiny bit longer, and a better fit for everyday wear. We’re not saying you don’t need shoes anymore but... we’re not not saying it.

Again, Bombas' grippers are good at helping to prevent slips, but do be careful and practice good coordination while using them.


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6. Men's Holiday Dress Socks Gift Box

Add some festivity to your festivities with Bombas dress socks made for the full spectrum of cool-weather celebrations: Dress them up for your fanciest galas, or dress them down for your wildest wintertime discos.

As always, one purchased = one donated.


7. Men's Running Socks Gift Bag

Purpose-built for running, working out and movement, these socks are packed with power. They have Bombas Hex Tec construction for breathability, moisture-wicking proprietary poly/cotton blend yarns, and comfort innovations like strategic zone cushioning and airflow ventilation. They are specially designed to help you move with grace and speed.

Included is a Bombas Hex Tec Sock Bag, designed to keep your socks organized and away from the rest of your stuff, or to just put some of your favorite belongings in after an intense workout.


8. Toddler Snowflake Gripper Socks Gift Box

These are limited edition Bombas holiday socks, expertly packed into a beautiful gift box so you're all ready to go. No wrapping needed! This is the gift of comfort, the gift of joy, the gift that gives back.

While our grippers are pretty good at helping to prevent slips, make sure your kids are extra careful.

As always, one purchased = one donated.


9. Baby Gripper Socks

What is the best way to add some comfort and coziness to someone special’s little feet? Hands down (or rather, feet-down), Bombas has made special gripper socks for the tiniest of little baby feet.

Designed to inspire more smiles than a straight-to-the-belly raspberry, and so comfy they’ll want to start walking as quickly as possible. Of course, grippers are a great way to prevent accidental slips, but it is always wise to be careful.


10. Youth Holiday Ankle Socks

All photos: Bombas

We took all the things we love about winter and turned them into socks.

Snowflakes? Check. Festive colors? Got those too. Warm, cozy feelings? Well, your feet will have to be the judge of that.

But we think our soft cotton, built-in arch-support system, and cushioned footbed will make quite a compelling case.


Use code LOVETANGO for an additional discount. But don't wait — you must order by December 16th to receive your purchase in time for Christmas!

—Sponsored by Bombas

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Bombas is a retail company that believes putting on clean, comfortable clothing everyday is a powerful thing. They offer new clothes and have the most comfortable socks, underwear, and t-shirts anyone could imagine. Plus with each purchase Bombas donates clothing to the homeless.