The Super-Secret Side Of Each Personality Type You Don't Get To See

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Everyone has sides to them that aren't apparent at first glance, second glance, or even a third glance. It takes time to truly know someone and see their deeper, lesser-known layers.

We all have our hidden quirks — it's what makes us different after all! Good relationships are constantly developing and we find out more about one another every day — even those to who we are closest. Relationships are all about learning and growing and having our loved ones open up to us and show us sides of them we've never seen before can be very rewarding and healthy for maintaining these relationships.

But what about your secret side? We could always benefit from learning something new about ourselves and you're probably curious as to what hidden personality traits you might have that are unique to you.

Luckily, your Myers-Briggs personality type can help give you the answers! Each one has some super-secret traits that are exclusive to that particular type.

So come find out what your secret side is all about! Here are your secret personality traits, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type.

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Here are the super-secret sides of each personality type you don't get to see:


This is one of the most practical of all personality types. You like to get down to it and get things done in a sensible, businesslike manner. However, your practicality often gets mistaken for being an "all work, no play" type.

At first glance, you may even seem uptight to some people. But, they couldn't be more wrong about you! Deep down, you actually love to have fun and set loose. Since your willingness to get projects and tasks done always comes first, most people will see this practical side of you long before they see your fun-loving side. But once it comes out, get ready — because an ISTP sure knows how to party!


ISFP's are very much introverts. They're one of the more reserved and sensitive personality types. It can be hard to see past an ISFP's mental shell, which they often retreat into. This type is more of a thinker than a talker and they're perfectly comfortable withdrawing into their own creative minds for a while. 

However, an ISFP has a whole other rarely seen side. Once they get close to people who they know they can trust, they're actually extremely sociable. This type loves to be with their squad and they're great people to hang out with as their naturally introverted personalities make them easygoing and super comfortable to be around. An ISFP offers a one-of-a-kind warm companionship that's totally drama-free.


This type is often seen as the fun, fun, fun, on-the-go people. While it is true that an ESTP likes to have a good time, they do have a hidden serious side. They rarely let others see this part of themselves because it's less familiar territory even to them, so it's hard to reveal this side in front of other people. Being the outgoing, center of attention is more comfortable for an ESTP, but it doesn't mean that they never take the time to think about deeper matters.


People with this personality type are born entertainers. They love nothing more than to be in the limelight, basking in the attention of all of their friends.

It's hard to see past the flashy persona that ESFPs exude. But, they actually have a whole other layer. You won't spot it during the first impression of them, but an ESTP is a very sensitive, empathetic person. They can always sense when their loved ones are feeling upset or sad and are more than happy to give them all the advice and support they need. This tends to bring out a whole other side to the ESFP.


An ISTJ is usually characterized by their stubborn nature and faithful devotion to living by the rules. Due to these qualities, they can seem old-fashioned and narrow-minded. However, an ISTJ is actually a jack-of-all-trades.

Deep down, they're versatile and bursting with a large variety of knowledge. ISTJs have incredible minds that are constantly churning with fresh ideas. It's just that an ISTJ doesn't always feel comfortable verbalizing their ideas and would prefer to work on them alone, which is why this part of their personality is seldom seen.

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This type is known for being one of the most introverted. They're highly private individuals, often keeping their feelings and thoughts inside. An ISFJ often gets mistaken for being passive and detached. But, this is far from the truth.

In fact, an ISFJ is very aware of everything around them but prefers to observe and take everything in instead of being the first one to voice their opinions. Deep down, this type has just as many feelings as anyone else, but will not be as quick as others to announce them.


​ESTJ's are born leaders with strong personalities. They believe that with hard work and tenacity, they can achieve anything. An ESTJ is often first seen as being the no-nonsense, stubborn type who refuses to take anyone else's opinions into consideration. Although this type can be stubborn sometimes, it's only because they're so loyal to who they are and to their own opinions. 

An ESTJ actually loves — and even thrives — when working with others. This type takes honesty and loyalty very seriously and an ESTJ's softer interior is often hidden by these strong opinions. But you better believe that if anyone ever betrays an ESTJ or anyone they love that they'll be the first ones to stand up and speak out. You don't want to mess with this type.


This is probably the most popular personality type. People flock to them, because of their outgoing, social personalities. An ESFJ is well-liked and admired by everyone, which causes them to usually be viewed as extremely confident and sure of themselves all the time. 

But ESFJs have a whole other vulnerable, sensitive side to them. They dislike criticism and conflict and will always try to avoid them if they can. They can't stand it when other people's feelings get hurt and are very sensitive about it. However, an ESFJ can have a hard time accepting their sensitive side, and to shield themselves from any conflict situations or judgemental opinions, they will usually hide this part of themselves beneath their lively exteriors.


This type is pretty soft-spoken and the introverted parts of their personalities often get stereotyped as being cold and having a constant guard up around themselves. Yet an INFJ doesn't have any guards up. This is just who they are.

They're extremely private individuals who prefer to only become involved in relationships that are meaningful and genuine and if they aren't, an INFJ would much rather spend time alone than waste that time on someone who isn't willing to give them a sincere connection.

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Underneath their calm, quiet exteriors, INFPs have a passion and a fire that can't be tamed. INFP is, unfortunately, one of those types that's always in danger of being greatly misconceived.

INFPs have a wealth of creativity and intelligence burning inside of them. An INFP isn't the life of the party nor do they have a million friends and followers like some other personality types, but that's not because they don't want any of these things.

This type just chooses to focus their enthusiasm on causes that they themselves feel strongly passionate about.

They're just as dedicated as any other type about their passions and the people around them. However, they don't like to overload their lives. This only makes them feel uncomfortable. They'd rather center their time and energy on one passion at a time and a few select friends that they trust deeply.


An ENFJ is a people person. They're selfless to a fault. They care deeply about other people, sometimes even more than they care about themselves. ENFJs are also one of the most charming signs. Upon a first impression, many confuse an ENFJ's charisma and selflessness for phoniness. People always get the wrong idea about this type.

This is literally just the way they are. An ENFJ doesn't know how to not be selfless or charismatic. This type is defined by their altruism and always wanting to do good by other people.

However, what many don't know is that this type actually has an extremely sensitive side. Despite all of their popularity and magnetism, they still deal with some self-esteem issues. Deep down, it really affects them when someone questions the credibility of their character and their intentions. An ENFJ never ever sets out to hurt another's feelings, so they often keep this part of themselves hidden.  


This is one of the most misread personality types. ENFPs often get mistaken for having their heads in the clouds all the time. People tend to see this type as dreamy people who have a hard time dealing with their emotions. Sure, an ENFP can be emotional at times and they are usually big dreamers. But, they're also SO much more.

An ENFP actually never has their heads in the clouds. They're just big thinkers. They're highly curious people with very imaginative minds. An ENFP likes to think through everything, so people usually mistake their quiet contemplations for daydreaming. ENFPs are so much more intelligent than people realize. Although they seem far away, what they're really doing is thinking through their creative thoughts.


It's not hard to believe that when you're one of the rarest personality types, you tend to get misunderstood a lot. An INTJ is brimming with self-confidence and always strives for perfection in everything they do. They won't waste time with anyone who doesn't respect their ideas and opinions. Due to this, people think they're impulsive and prone to making rash decisions.

INTJs are actually the complete opposite. They're very rational, open-minded people. INTJ has excellent analytical skills. They're aware of how smart and logical they're able to be. An INTJ isn't prideful or impulsive or anything else that most people think they are.

They're just confident and determined. They know what they want and what needs to get done in order to get it. As highly independent and self-sufficient people, an INTJ always has their eyes on the end goal.


This personality type gets misinterpreted quite often. The traits of an INTP typecast them into being flaky, unreliable, and disconnected. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. INTPs are really very enthusiastic, thoughtful people.

From the minute they get up in the morning, their minds are always churning with thoughts and ideas. They sometimes like to vocalize their thoughts to others before they've fully thought them through as a sort of sounding board. They don't always follow through on every idea. They just like to get it out there and get another opinion. This type is also very friendly and will gravitate towards those who share their excitement for new ideas.


This type is characterized by their bold personalities. At first glance, they can seem quite aggressive. While it's true that an ENTJ is very strong-willed, there's so much more lurking underneath their alpha personalities. Deep down, ENTJs are very emotional.

They just don't know how to handle these emotions. Since this type doesn't have a good grasp of their own emotions, they tend to distance themselves from any situations that are emotionally demanding. An ENTJ doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially their loved ones feelings, but the protective layer they put up over their emotions often makes it seem like they do.


An ENTP marches to the beat of their own drum. They're independent thinkers who like to come up with their own original ideas. This type would rather think outside of the box than to go with the flow of the same old proposals. Their thoughts are often so outlandish that most people find it difficult to see past their eccentricity and will dismiss their ideas entirely.

However, an ENTP doesn't just throw out ideas for the sake of it. They have very quick wits and will use their wit and clever minds to start important discussions and debates. Underneath their unconventionality, lies a sharp mind just waiting for a good challenge.

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