34 Funny St. Patrick's Day Memes To Celebrate The Luck Of The Irish

Me: I'm not that into St. Patrick's Day. Also me:

Formally, St. Patrick’s Day is recognized on March 17 as a day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.

Informally, St. Patrick’s Day is recognized on the weekends surrounding March 17 to celebrate drinking green beer and Irish whiskey at parades while wearing green.

While people often poke fun of the holiday by pointing out that those who celebrate aren’t even Irish, it turns out that the first official St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t celebrated in Ireland at all. It was actually in 1601 that Spanish colonists celebrated in St. Augustine, Florida.

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So whether you have Irish heritage or not, don’t worry — everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

34 Funny St. Patrick’s Day Memes

1. "Americans on St. Patrick's Day after finding out they are 5.78% Irish on Ancestry.com... You know, I'm something of an Irishman myself."

2. "Irish people: celebrate St. Paddy's Day by wearing green. The orange in the Irish flag: Am I a joke to you?"

3. "Brace yourselves: the "Irish" are coming"

4. "Remember puns on St. Patrick's Day don't just shame you, they Seamus all."

5. "Makes fun of gingers all year long... Suddenly Irish on St. Patrick's Day."

6. "Not sure if Irish or just wants excuse to get drunk."

7. "Oh you're wearing green, tell me about your Irish heritage."

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8. "One does not simply stay sober on St. Patrick's Day"

9. "St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland? False. Ireland has too cold of a climate for snakes to live there."

10. "I'm not always Irish, but when I am, it's St. Patrick's Day."

11. "Me 364 days of the year: *nothing* Me on St. Patrick's Day: look at me. I'm Irish now."

12. "Drinking green beer is the closest I'll come to eating a vegetable all year."

13. "No, this is St. Patrick."

14. "Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Muppets!"

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15. "What St. Patrick's Day celebrations look like after you have kids. We're drinking green tea — with caffeine."

16. "The hangover is strong with this one."

17. "Fish waking up in the Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day."

18. "Me, realizing that I am not Irish the morning after St. Patrick's Day."

19. "Don't forget to stretch before St. Patrick's Day."

20. "Hey! Let me tell you about this new diet I'm on... St. Patrick drives the snakes out of Ireland."

21. "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

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22. "Drink beer all day long. Try changing my mind..."

23. "Americans after they find out that they are 96 percent English and 4 percent Irish."

24. "Going out St. Patrick's Day vs. going home on St. Patrick's Day."

25. "Actual Irish people vs. people who got 30% Irish on their DNA test."

26. "Celebrating St. Patrick's Day: before and after."

27. "I'm wearing green now so don't pinch me again."

28. "St. Patrick's Day in America. Meanwhile in Ireland."

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29. "Forgot St. Patrick's Day... wore green on accident."

30. "That leprechaun was delicious."

31. "Me: I'm not that into St. Patrick's Day. Also me:..."

32. "What do you call a fake stone in Ireland? A shamrock."

33. "Me every other day vs. me on St. Patrick's Day."

34. "May the luck be with you."

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