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Woman Discovers Hidden Camera In Hotel Bathroom After Finding Recorded Footage On TV

Photo: @darbyjjones / TikTok
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A woman captured a horrific sight on the television in her hotel room: footage from what appeared to be coming from a hidden camera in a bathroom in her hotel.

The woman shared her experience on TikTok in a video that has been viewed over 6 million times.

She came across a channel depicting footage from a bathroom in the hotel she was staying in.

While channel surfing on her television in her hotel room, Darby (@darbyjjjones) stumbled upon a channel where a live broadcast from a camera appeared on the screen.

“There’s literally a station on the TV, and it’s a toilet,” she says. “It’s a f–king camera pointed at a toilet.”

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The footage has no sound, is completely still, and clearly displays a toilet in a “straight crotch shot” as Darby calls it.

“It hasn’t moved in 30 minutes,” she adds.

The footage appeared on the channel Bravo, which Darby claims there’s “no way” that would ever come up on the channel.

“There’s no way that that plays on Bravo, it’s just this blue toilet,” she says.

After noticing similarities between the toilet on the television and the toilet in her hotel room, Darby investigates the bathroom.

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To her relief, it is not her room’s toilet that is being filmed and broadcasted.

However, Darby and another guest staying in her room discovered a vent directly above the toilet upon further inspection.

The vent contained an outlet.

“There’s a literal OUTLET to plug anything into…it could be ANY BATHROOM HERE,” she wrote in a textbox over the video.

Darby revealed that the toilet footage continued on Bravo from 10:30 PM to 4:30 AM when the channel returned to its original programming.

She wound up notifying the hotel manager and police, who began checking all of the hotel’s bathroom vents in search of where the footage was coming from.

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In a follow-up video, Darby addressed the backlash she was receiving for not calling the police right away.

“Obviously, I called the police, it’s just when I was flipping through the channels and I saw the toilet, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I ran to the front desk and I was like, you need to come to see this,” she explains.

She claims that the man working the front desk was “the creepiest person ever to exist” and she initially suspected him to be the one who hid cameras in one of the room’s bathrooms, but later, dismissed it, considering the possibility that it could’ve been another hotel guest.

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However, Darby says that the man at the front desk reported that he had checked every room in the hotel for cameras in under 20 minutes and found nothing.

“The whole thing is just straight out of a movie, it’s so overwhelming and I haven't slept in like two days,” she reveals.

In a second follow-up video, Darby shared that there have been no updates on where the footage was coming from and that nothing has been found by the police.



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