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Woman Wearing White Dress To Friend’s Wedding Sparks Debate Online

Photo: TikTok
White dress TikTok

A TikToker named Gabby Goessling was in doubt about her white dress and asked TikTok users whether it would be appropriate for her to wear it to a wedding, starting a debate online.

She posted a video of her wearing a white dress that she was planning to wear to her friend’s wedding.

The woman was wearing a white dress with huge floral prints in the TikTok video.

Her caption read, “Is this too white for a wedding? I get so scared of being inappropriate and brought a spare in case lol.”

Goessling then posed for the camera and pulled her partner who was wearing a jacket of the same color as the floral prints on the woman’s dress.

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TikTok users thought it would be inappropriate for her to wear the dress to the wedding.

One user wrote, “Yes a white dress is a white dress floral or not, I would find a new one. I love the color scheme though!”

Another user wrote, “It’s a white dress *with flowers* but still a white dress... I wouldn’t, but it’s beautiful for another occasion!!”

“If you have to question it, then play it safe and wear something else! I think you look so nice though!!” one person commented.

Many other people thought it was alright for the woman to wear it to the wedding.

One user wrote, “It drives me nuts how people think any hint of white is inappropriate. If you're not standing out and taking away from the bride/party, [you're] good!”

“Nothing wrong with this at all! The bride will be the star regardless,” another person wrote.

“If it was my wedding (and I’m super strict on not wanting guests to wear white) I wouldn’t even realize tbh! [to be honest] this looks perfect,” one person commented.

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Additionally, many people thought that while her dress was alright, it would be better to ask the bride before wearing it to the wedding.

One person commented, “I wouldn’t mind but some would so I would ask just Incase, if you’re not close enough to ask then I wouldn’t wear it!”

Another person commented, “Honestly I'd ask the bride. Some would be cool with it others wouldn't.”

“The print would make it ok to me but definitely ask first and say you have a spare so it doesn't look like you're 'just asking' to be polite,” another person wrote.

The woman ended up wearing the white dress to the wedding.

In another video, she clarified that she had forgotten about her previous video and didn’t manage to read any of the comments there.

While she felt a bit bad after finding out that many people thought her dress was inappropriate, she felt better as there were also many in support of her.



“I think the bride was fine with it and no one said anything to me and I personally wouldn’t care if someone wore a dress like that to my wedding.”

She then showed a picture of her partner and her at the wedding.

She revealed that she had bought the dress at the last minute and thought that it was the only dress that matched her partner’s outfit.

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