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On The Day Of Her Wedding, A Bride Received A Gift From The Groom That Wasn't For Her

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A bride is flooding the Internet with emotions after sharing a heartfelt moment from her wedding day.

Shortly before walking down the aisle, she received a gift from her soon-to-be husband — but the surprise gift was not for her. In fact, it was intended for someone who does not even exist yet.

The groom gifted his bride with a bracelet for their first child to wear on their own wedding day. 

In the tear-jerking TikTok video that has been viewed over 4 million times, bride-to-be Kayla Rae is preparing to marry the love of her life, Terry. Just before the big day kicks off, she is surprised to receive a gift from her fiancé that is not for her.

When she opens the small gift box, she finds a bracelet with a note attached to it. Upon reading it, Kayla learns that the bracelet and note are to be saved for their future first child’s own wedding day.

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“To my first born, I got this for you on my and your mother’s wedding day back in 2023,” she reads, fighting back tears. “I wanted to get something that will last for years and for you to wear on the day you walk down the aisle.” 

“Right now, we don’t know what you look like, what your smile looks like, if you’re funny like your dad or witty like your mom, but we do know at this point today that you are loved because we had you as an extension of our love,” she continues. “So enjoy today, get excited and get ready for one h–l of a ride.” 

By the time she finishes reading, Kayla can no longer contain her emotions and her eyes swell with tears. “That is so sweet! You did a really good job,” she gushes to her husband off-camera.

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TikTok users were also overcome with emotions. 

“This is unbelievably thoughtful,” one user commented. “I’d have to get my makeup done again after this because I would literally cry it all off,” another user shared. 

“This is the most amazingly beautiful picture of true love, for you, and for your family’s love story,” another user wrote. 

“He’s so eager/ready to make a life with you,” another user pointed out. Even the official TikTok account for TikTok said I wasn't prepared for this, showing just how heartfelt and emotional of a moment this was for her.

Although the appearance and personality of Kayla and Terry’s future first child may be unknown, one thing that is certain today and on their child’s wedding day is the love they have for each other and their children.

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