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Bride Told That Her Husband May Be Cheating On Her With Her Bridesmaid After Sharing Her Wedding Photos Online

Photo: TikTok
Wedding pictures of bridesmaid and groom

Weddings are meant to be blissful occasions but can spiral into chaos when expectations are not met. Things like the food, who gets to be in the wedding, the opinions of family members, and even the wedding speech can quickly derail well-thought-out plans.

But one woman named Heather Wilson was left wondering how close is too close when she saw some interesting pictures of her new husband and her best friend/bridesmaid from her wedding day.

The groom was suspected of cheating with the bridesmaid because of the photos they took together.

The video posted on TikTok started with the bride looking into the camera in front of open window blinds. It is titled “Getting your wedding photos back and [noticing] something.”

Viewers saw the expected snapshots of the bride and groom interacting with family members and friends on their big day before pictures of the wedding party started to appear, including the bride, the groom, two groomsmen and three bridesmaids.

The one that captured the most attention is the bridesmaid standing on the groom's left — our right.

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In the first image, although no other wedding participants have physical contact, her arm was looped through the groom’s left arm, while his right arm was looped around his new bride’s waist.

In the second wedding party picture, the same bridesmaid curtsied to the groom and outstretched her arms Vanna White style as if she was presenting him to the "Wheel of Fortune" audience. The picture seemed fun and innocent as she smiled into the camera broadly.

The next picture is one that really started to prompt some questions. The groom was looking into his wife’s eyes lovingly with his left hand resting on his upper thigh near his pelvic area. The bridesmaid placed her hand on top of his and leaned in for a photo.

In the final photo shown, the bride and groom kiss passionately as the bridesmaid grips his hand tightly. The caption reads, “Guess I’m getting a sister wife.”

Though many people called out the actions of the bridesmaid as inappropriate, most of the comments were about the quality of the wedding pictures. People voice their displeasure over the lighting, composition, and overall look of professional wedding photos.

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In a second video, Wilson answered the burning questions that people who had seen the first video asked.

She told viewers that her bridesmaid was unstable and could not steady herself on the groomsman near her. She said he was an amputee and had asked in advance that he not be leaned on as he was “on his last leg.”



The biggest question was whether or not Wilson and her new hubby were still together. She responded by bringing him into the video to answer with a resounding "yes."

The husband explained that the bridesmaid was only trying to gain her footing and that nothing dubious was at play. He added, “So, sorry to disappoint everybody who wanted me to be a cheater and the bridesmaid to be a homewrecker. That is not actually what happened.”

As the video ended, the man made sure to clarify, “She did not touch my crotch. It just looked like she did.” The couple thanked viewers for the humorous comments they’d left regarding the situation.

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