30 Things People In Healthy Relationships Never, Ever Do

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It can be hard to accept that you’ve found someone who has the ability and willingness to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You should always expect the best for yourself.

Healthy, fulfilling relationships are hard to find, but once you do, you should hold onto it with everything you got. Finding someone who is both your best friend and your partner is a magical thing.

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Love takes work, honest communication, and selflessness. A truly healthy relationship will change and adapt to every one of life’s challenges. A robust love is one to fight for.

Just remember these 30 things that don't happen in a healthy relationship. And if you see them in yours, beware.

1. Skip kissing.

No, you should be kissing every single day.

2. Nag each other about small things.

Instead, pick your battles.

3. Go to bed angry.

If you go to bed angry, then you go to bed assuming all these bad things about your partner and you wake up bitter. If an argument needs to wait, then let it, but try to calm down before settling in for the night.

4. Forget to text your partner back.

5. Be mean or aggressive for no reason.

6. Talk to a therapist instead of your partner.

7. Be hyper-critical.

8. Forget about your friends.

9. Refuse to accept each other’s differences.

10. Take each other for granted.

11. Stop holding hands.

12. Refuse to be vulnerable.

13. Stop having wild, kinky sex.

14. Always put yourself first.

15. Have doubts about your feelings and your partner’s feelings.

16. Say “I love you” when you don't mean it.

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17. Set up false expectations.

18. Keep your emotions inside instead of talking about them.

19. Exaggerate your feelings about the other person.

20. Forget to make enough coffee for both of you in the morning.

21. Neglect to talk about what both of you see as your future.

22. Forget to regularly check in your feelings and take the temperature of the relationship.

23. Stop growing together.

24. Don't adjust to each other’s sleep styles.

25. Talk to your friends about your partner instead of your partner.

26. Get too comfortable so you stop having adventures together.

It's amazing when you can find someone that lets you be yourself, but don't let that stop you from still trying to win them over as you did in the beginning.

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27. Expect too much from your partner.

28. Forget that love is a challenge that takes work every single day.

29. Never remind your partner that they are magical and wonderful.

30. Stop nurturing and (when necessary) fighting for each other and the life you’ve built together.

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