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Santa Barbara CA 93108 - United States



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Author, Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Marriage Coach, Mediator, Relationship Coach

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“When two hearts meet they enter the Heartspace®” “When the other person’s needs being met is as important to you as getting your own needs met, that’s love!”

About Susan Allan

Susan Allan is a certified Mediator and Coach and the Founder of The Marriage Forum, Inc. She offers The 6 Part Conversation© and The 7 Stages of Marriage and Divorce© trainings so that both partners understand their own needs and their partner’s needs and learn to create the most peaceful and loving passionships. More information can be found at www.heartspacesolutions.com/coaching  

Enjoy Susan’s new Teaching Portal with 30 trainings on LearnDesk:

Introduction to Susan Allan's Evolution Revolution™ Life Mastery Trainings Part I-III    

Heartspace® is a unique system of proven and tested skills including relationship coaching, marriage coaching, and reconciliation training. Heartspace® offers you a Recipe for A Happy Marriage & Committed Partnership! http://heartspacesolutions.com/coaching

The Divorce Forum® includes divorce coaching and mediation to co-create a peaceful, no-court divorce to save your family so much money and avoid suffering!

I offer one complimentary telephone session to discuss your needs; please let me help you! Here are 60 pages of testimonials:  



Susan Allan Success Stories

Relationship Coach Testimonial

Women in complicated relationships

My advice is, when in doubt; always ask Susan Allan, the Relationship Coach, First! Her advice is spot-on, her lessons can improve any aspect of your life! She is what we all need and that inner voice we all seek! Thank you, Susan! Linea Harvey Seibert, New Canaan, CT

Life Coaching Testimonial

Single women

“When I think about the late night emails, awesome phone calls, the encouraging text messages, I cannot thank you enough; they mean the world to me! Thank you for your tenacity, empathy guidance and love! I must express my deep, deep gratitude that you are teaching me these skills to transform my own life. And what a transformative year it has been! The work we are doing together is helping me become a more empathetic person with myself and has in-turn affected all my personal relationships. I don’t have to suffer any more. I cherish you Susan! I love you” Lisa Cirincione Los Angeles, CA

Relationship Coaching Client

Men in complicated relationships

“Susan, you are the right person in this world for me and many others. I see this as you grow and develop these wonderful healing skills you have really learned to master. You have the magic now! Love” Dr. Alexis Kirk NYC

Life Coaching

Women starting over

“In this day and age we live in, filled with complexities and challenges in our lives and relationships, Susan definitely has the knowledge and skills to bring forth a change people deserve in their lives.” Rebecca Setareh, Los Angeles

Dating Coaching

Women newly dating

“I got MARRIED!!! I ADORE him! Thank you for helping prepare me for a man who can love me so much!! I'm able to accept his love in large part because of the work that we did together. Thank you again for helping me become a higher functioning person!!! ! He communicates with me in a peaceful/loving way and he's such a happy man with a good heart PLUS, he's TOTALLY gorgeous! :) :) :) :) Lots of love Susan N. Mesa, Arizona

Life Coaching past the Pain

Men newly dating

“Susan Allan is the consummate professional. She is a trusted friend and I am proud to recommend her and blessed to have found her for myself. They say: ‘When the student is ready, the Master will appear”. She is a highly skilled coach…a Master. If you can take the heat of examining your life, Susan can coach you to the success you are looking for. I think of you often and thank you and God for putting us together. All my love and my sincere thanks for helping me get started again. Love,” David Drake, Melbourne, FL

Life Transitions

Women newly dating

“Susan, I think of you so often and always with such gratitude and affection. You taught me so much in such a short period of time and I continue to use that knowledge in my practice and life. Every time I have another professional success I think of you. Huge hugs and a thousand blessings to you, dear friend. Xoxoox” Emily Gould, Esq. Attorney and Mediator, Founder Empatia Resolutions Montpelier VT

Family and Sobriety Coaching

Couples dealing with parenting issues

“I know that these results would not have been possible without the countless hours of coaching with Susan Allan. She saved my son’s life.” Arno Jaffe, Esq

Career Coaching

Women dealing with work related stress

“Thank you so much for your coaching; I love you Susan Allan!” Mary Beth Pape Los Angeles, CA

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