What The Most Attractive Women Wear On First Dates (To Guarantee A Second!)

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How To Get A Guy To Like You By Wearing One Of These Great First Date Outfit Ideas

For many women who are dating and looking for relationships, figuring out what to wear on a first date can be a real struggle. And when you want to know how to get a guy to like you and boost your initial attraction, fashion choices play a big role — which makes it that much more difficult to settle on the perfect look.

When it comes to first date ideas, you might love your funky patterns and booties, but does he? Or maybe you’re a bohemian girl who likes loose fitting fabric all the way down to your toes. But will your date find it sexy or just ... baggy?

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Of course, every guy and girl has their own fashion likes and dislikes, but there are definitely some specific looks that score higher points in the minds of the majority of men.

If you're confused about out what to wear on what you hope will be a great first date, here are 5 cute outfit ideas to suit your own personal style.

1. A tight and sexy skirt paired with a loose-fitting tank

He likes to see the silhouette of your lovely lower half, but try to keep it loose on your upper half to balance your look.


The message you are sending is that you are fun and sexy! That will make him feel like you’re the total package!

2. A sweet and colorful sundress

At the end of the day, most men love the simple things in life, and most women feel they're best when they see themselves as pretty, fun, and happy — all of which are exactly what sundresses embody.


A guy wants to be with a woman who makes him feel good, and wearing a colorful and fun dress says that you have a sweet side. A sundress says you can be playful and laid back, but you still like to be feminine and pretty.

It can also appear inviting, comforting and confident all at once — just like you.

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3. Anything red

Whether it’s your lips, shoes, skirt, top or your entire dress, red has been proven as a naturally attractive and attracting color. It pulls men in, entices them, seduces them and makes them want more.


In a 2008 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers showed a group of men photos a woman. In some photos, she wore a red shirt and, in others, she wore a blue shirt. The researchers asked men to rate the woman's attractiveness.

The men who saw the woman in red rated her attractiveness far higher than they did compared to the men who saw her dressed in blue.

4. A little white dress (aka LWD)

A little black dress is timeless and classic. Meanwhile, a little white dress is radiant and angelic.


A man likes to imagine that his woman is sweet and pure, and that’s the impression that a white dress gives off. Plus, it's courageous, especially if you’re going out to dinner or drinking red wine!

5. A backless dress

Seeing skin is one thing, but feeling skin is another — especially when it’s skin that is usually off-limits and not exposed until in a much more intimate moment.


Cleavage is sexy, but it’s more expected. Legs are nice, but common. Meanwhile, the small of your back — that’s more generally reserved.

When your date puts his hand on your lower back to escort you to the table, he will be excitedly surprised by feeling the skin on the small of your back.

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Laurel House is an international celebrity Dating and Relationship Coach, a dating coach on E!’s “Famously Single,” a Dating Coach for Three Day Rule Matchmaking, and a 5-time published Lifestyle Author.

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