6 Shocking Things Men Want From Women (As Told By Men)

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6 SHOCKING Things Men Want From Their Women, As Told When I Asked

I asked 7 male friends what it is that they most want from their women, other than lots of sex.

Without exception, they precluded their responses with "If the answer can’t be about sex, then I want…"

Their answers surprised me so I am sharing them with you.

What men really want from women, aside from sex, are these 6 shocking things:

1. The option to not have sex.

Interestingly, while a lot of sex was a theme for all of the guys, the option of no sex was important as well.

Men love to have sex but they also want to feel confident that they can tell their partner that they can’t or don’t want to have sex and that it will be okay.

While for us, women, that might seem like not a big deal. But, to many men, it is because so much of their identity is tied up in their sexuality.

So accept that sometimes your man can just say "no". Perhaps, he will rub your feet instead.

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2. To not feel obligated to do everything you want to do.

AKA the mission creep. This was a term that I had never heard of before but all of the guys knew exactly what it was when I asked them.

The definition of Mission Creep is "a gradual shift in objectives during the course of a military campaign, often resulting in an unplanned long-term commitment."

As applied to relationships, Mission Creep points to the shift that happens over time where a man is obliged to do whatever his woman wants. Dinner with her parents instead of a night out with the guys. Hanging out with her friends instead of his because she thinks they are bozos. No more martinis because they make him act stupid.

Rules. Rules that didn’t exist at the start of the relationship but crept in slowly.

Here are the solutions, as suggested by a man:

  • Manage the mission creep so that you are both happy with how things are going.
  • Give your man 1 weekend a month where he can do anything he wants (mostly).

Be honest with yourself. Is there Mission Creep in your relationship? If so, make a plan to change!

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3. For you to remind him that he's special.

Our lives are chaotic, jam-packed, and exhausting. At the end of the day, who wants to put out any more energy than is necessary?

But think about it. Think about how amazing it would feel for your partner to bring you flowers or plan a night out or tell you that you are beautiful. Pretty amazing, right?

So do the same for your partner. One guy suggested that you plan a weekend away. Or arrange and pay for the room. Maybe schedule something that he would want to do with you. Make it all about him.

Another guy said, "Ask if I would like a beer. Or if I would like to sit and watch a movie with them. Or make me something to eat. Something that shows they are tuned into the smaller things in life that make me happy."

You get the idea. Run with it!

4. For you to let him be friends with other women.

This one is straightforward. Your guy had girl friends before you met him. They were his friends and he never slept with them or wanted a romantic relationship with them because they were his friends.

Why, if he is in a happy, committed relationship with you, would he want anything more from them now?

So trust him. Let him be friends with girls. You like being friends with girls because they are fun and willing to go deep and be thoughtful. Let him have friends with whom he can be himself, where he has nothing to prove.

5. For you to think before you react.

One of my guys, one who I thought was not the kind of guy to do what he suggested, said the following: "Take a minute or two of contemplation to respond to a comment that might strike them as negative and discuss their feelings rather than jump to conclusions which get internalized."

This makes sense. And it’s incredibly difficult! To try to pause before you react, to understand where the statement is coming from and to try to respond in a way that is productive, understanding, and respectful.

Good advice. I was obviously wrong about this guy.

He finished the text with: "Then agree to get laid like the world is ending."

6. For you to walk around naked, dammit!

This guys’ response was so perfect that I am going to let him say it:

"It’s that simple. Walk around naked. And if it feels better to walk around in your underpants or underwear, then okay, a little mystery is good too.

Need the garden edged? Prune the apple trees? Just call me when you’re wearing little-to-nothing.

We like your dimples, your rumples and, no matter what you might think, we find all of you sexy. 

Okay…so that’s pretty simple. Get naked. Just as simple as taking off a few clothes when you do chores or hang out on the porch in your bikini. Yeah, that polka dot one….we LOVE it.    

And it’s really not about sex. We just love you naked. You know that old joke: How to please a woman? A very long list follows. Flowers, dinner reservations, pay attention, listen, etc. How to please a man: show up naked, bring beer.

Enough said.

We all, men and women both, really enjoy being in a relationship. And we, women, usually know exactly what we want and our men do their best to provide those things for us.

But, so things don’t get lopsided, it’s important that we women do the same for our men.

So pay attention. Try some of the things above. See what happens.

You will be happy you did!

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Mitzi Bockmann is a New York City-based Certified Life Coach. Looking for more help with giving your man what he wants? Contact her for help.

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