Cultivating Career Success: 15 'Universal Truths' To Get You On The Right Track

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When it comes to taking your career success to a new level (despite all of the pandemic challenges), there are some fundamental things you should keep in mind.

I’ve culled these insights over nearly 20 years of my career as a professional coach and working with thousands of people from around the world.

No matter where you’re from or what your culture might be, I’ve found these things to be universal.

Read through the list and see what resonates most for you, as well as which ones sting a little or give you pause. Those are the ones, in particular, that you need to pay attention to.

They’re the ones you might consider giving some time, thought, and energy to. From this foundation, you can more effectively work from your "sweet spot" where your values, natural talents, and purpose all intersect.

This is the most powerful way to enhance your career success, increase your confidence, and overcome imposter syndrome, while also increasing your job satisfaction and well-being!

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Here are 15 "universal truths" you need to cultivate career success and get yourself on the right track.

1. Deep breaths help.

First, take a deep breath and chill out a little.

You don't have to have everything figured out today.

2. Know your core values.

Identify your core values and compelling "why." Then, align your work to these beliefs. The more aligned you are, the better your career will flow.

3. Be aware of the best use of you.

Ask yourself: What's the highest, most valuable use of your time, energy, and talents over the next 12 months?

4. Do what you love.

Notice what pulls you forward in your work and fills your cup — the things you do where time disappears.

Then find ways to do more of that, more often.

5. Know your "don’t want's."

Notice what’s not working for you and move those obstacles out of the way.

Write down what you "do want" and what you "don't want" in your life and career as you move ahead.

6. Use your brainpower.

If you’re bored, then you’re not being challenged, and you’re not growing.

Do you want to choose growth or stagnation for yourself?

7. Be aware that failure is still learning.

Learn from your mistakes and missteps and then move forward with those lessons front of mind while leaving the scars in the past.

8. Follow the wisdom.

Hang out with people wiser than you — learn from their mistakes, so you can avoid them.

And then, even maybe, leap-frog right over them to even greater success.

9. Be wary of false truths.

What false truths are you telling yourself? What old beliefs and decisions about yourself are holding you back from achieving all that you know in your heart, you’re capable of achieving?

Here’s a hint: You are enough.

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10. Be true to yourself.

Live authentically. Find your way to share your gifts and unique talents with the world. Different is beautiful.

11. Give yourself permission.

Full permission to be yourself, to listen to your heart and spirit, and create a life you love.

You’re worth it.

12. Know what’s needed now.

What steps can you take today to move you forward in the direction of your goals and dreams?

Identify the hard stuff and do those things first.

13. Do some "out of the box" thinking.

Open up your vision to the possibilities that are all around you, versus what you think they should look like.

Notice where your fears are trying to fool you to stay inside the box as well.

14. Have some skin in the game.

Do you have skin in the game? What’s your catalyst or carrot for moving yourself forward?

Use this as a motivator and let it fuel the fire in your belly to help drive your success.

15. Choose joy.

Each day, choose the perspective that lifts you up and motivates you from the inside out.

As you find more joy in each day, you’ll feel better and much happier, which triggers the happy chemicals in your brain (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins).

All of which helps to increase your confidence and well-being! And guess what? Other people like working with happy people, so create a win-win!

You've got this!

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Michele Molitor is a highly trained certified coach and hypnotherapist, and co-author of “Breakthrough Healing.” She focuses on overcoming imposter syndrome, reclaiming your confidence, and self-worth to create a thriving career and life. If you’re ready to eliminate imposter syndrome from your mindset once and for all, then connect with her directly on her website.

This article was originally published at Linked In. Reprinted with permission from the author.