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The body always remembers what you are trying to forget. When you unlock that mystery, you get well.

About Dr. Meg Haworth

A seasoned doctor of Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Wellness Expert, Nutritional Chef to celebrities, and best-selling author of Get Well Now, Dr. Meg Haworth offers holistic wellness solutions for abuse survivors with chronic illness. Having overcome more than a dozen illnesses and traumas in her own body including fibromyalgia, depression, PTSD, IBS, childhood sexual abuse, drowning, and brain injuries from a lightning strike (yes, an actual bolt of lightning!), she knows firsthand what it's like to lose your health and what it takes to gain it back.

Dr. Meg has authored eight books, hosts a podcast series called Get Well Soon, speaks, coaches and consults with clients worldwide to help them Get Well Now. She is the founder of Lightning Women; Overcoming The Wounds of Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse, a movement for women who suffered abuse as children and now have a chronic illness.  This link has been confirmed by science through the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE Study) quiz available on her website. She has been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, The Mindshare Summit Stage, Hay House Radio and on numerous podcasts and online summits.

She understands that the body always remembers what we are trying to forget and has found the keys to unlock the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that the body holds about the experiences of our lives. To do this she created Whole Person Integration Technique that gets to the root of the story your body is holding and the symptoms associated with it. She works with clients one on one, and in small groups virtually worldwide. She also offers online programs in eating for wellness and healing for abuse survivors. You can find her at www.meghaworth.com


Dr. Meg Haworth Success Stories

Trauma Survivor Heals for Good with Mind-Body Techniques

“Dr. Meg has changed my life. I suffered a lot of trauma growing up that severely impacted my emotional and physical well-being. I had tried traditional therapy in the past, it did not get me where I really needed to be. After giving up for decades, she was the only one who really helped me find and release the trauma for good. This type of therapy is not about talking through trauma, it is about finding where it is lodged in your physical body and setting it free using the power of visualization. It has been transformative in ways I did not think were possible. Dr. Meg is also an incredibly kind, smart, and wise person who truly cares about you and your healing. She is a gift to work with.” more

Stephanie Wade, Artist/Designer

MS Patient Gets to The Root of Her Disease In Just Three Sessions

I have some major neurological issues going on in my body (MS) and because I have learned over the past year that all physical symptoms start with unconscious beliefs and unfelt emotions I was intrigued to be introduced to Dr. Meg Haworth, a Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology through a Webinar called "You Are the Cure". I was drawn to work with Dr. Meg, not only because she too has had her issues with physical di- eases and has overcome them but also because she has the gift of seeing beyond what is visible or an intuitive knowing. I witnessed Dr. Meg working with Chloe Urban (the summit host) and could see and feel the love and compassion she brought to the session.more

Dr. Meg's Whole Person Integration Technique Heals Head & Neck Pain

"I acquired Dr. Meg's free ebook, 10 Steps to Overcoming The Effects of Victimization and I tried her technique on myself. I felt great relief and a good sense of doing well in releasing my core emotion of unworthiness. I felt a space being left open within me… I found more clarity of mind like a cloud had been lifted. I feel more calm, relaxed and focused, even my headache is lessened to a great degree, even pain in my lower neck… I have a sense of feeling worthy, being loved and that I am worthy to live, to be loved and be cared for."more

Thank you, Dr. Meg, for your e-book and your technique in it. You have given me much hope, support, and encouragement… Looking forward to a brighter future!" 

Daisy Chadwick, Alberta, Canada

To witness Dr. Meg's Whole Person Integration Technique in action on the Dr. Steven Show, click https://youtu.be/Ekbf6mzX6iE

Client Loses 25 Pounds & Gains Purpose After Inner Child Therapy

“I lost 25 pounds and gained a new sense of purpose doing Inner Child Therapy with Dr, Meg. Doing this work with her uncovers so much that needed to be healed. It’s quite an amazing task to see so much in a very simple process. For anyone that may doubt Meg or this work- just do it! I promise you will feel, sense and become who you’re meant to be. She is now my go-to therapist. I am so grateful!”more

Susan Allen, Owner of Susan Communicates

A Nasty Virus Disappears and So Do 12 Pounds with Food Coaching!

"Never have I weighed this much BUT I am on my way down the scale fast thanks to your amazing recipes and expert coaching!!! Not only does your expertise guide you from your experience, but your intuition is so strong. Your genuine love and concern for people's wellbeing, that is huge, because many people do what they do just for the money but you have incredible energy that exudes love and compassion. more

Healthwise, I had a virus that kept hitting me. Each time it would last about 3 weeks. This last time, after this change in diet, and your coaching, it lasted about 4 days. I have more energy overall and I think the weight loss of 12 pounds has helped that a lot, even without additional exercise at this point. You’ve really saved my health! Thank you, Dr. Meg!!!" 

Lorri Warren, Asheville NC

Dr. Meg's Technique & Intuition Have Lasting and Profound Effects

“Working with Dr. Meg was a deeply healing and transformative experience for me. She guided me through her Whole Person Integration Technique with such emotional sensitivity and spiritual support. Not only were the results and experience themselves profound and deeply healing, but I felt nurtured and comforted by her loving and supportive nature. My experience was deepened as a result of her gifts as an intuitive healer, and I would recommend this technique to those seeking to transform pain with love. more

The ramifications of my session with her have continued for days, and have brought me signs, experiences, interactions, and feelings; all of which have reflected the content of the session itself. This technique is powerful, and in my opinion accessible, no matter your level of experience you have with feeling the wounded parts of who you are. Thank you, Dr. Meg. I love you. You are a gift to those you serve.  As you have been with me.”  

Paul Moore, Playwright, Actor, Director

Cancer Survivor Gets to The Emotional Root Cause with Dr. Meg's Help

“Working with Dr. Meg has been an incredible experience - she has come into my life at precisely the right time. After spending far too many years living from a place of fear and moving from one illness to another (including cancer), Dr. Meg was just the catalyst I needed to help me make a huge mental, emotional and spiritual shift. She is a natural healer with an intuitive gift for helping others and has a kind way of making you feel safe as you work through and release any unhealthy patterns. Thank you, Dr. Meg, for walking alongside me on my healing journey – I feel more connected and enlightened because of you!”more

Marietta Goldman, Creator Radiant Healing Boxes and Affirmation Cards

Celebrity Rave for Dr. Meg's Nutrition Consulting Talents!

“Dr. Meg is a true delight, a medical blessing, a true believer and has an educated understanding of all health lovers & dieters resulting in dream results. I’m a complete and utter convert!”more

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Million Dollar Decorators, Private Decorator to Elton John & Cher

TV Star & His Medical Doctor Wife and Kids Love Dr. Meg's Food!

“We have been eating significantly healthier since you started working with us, and I definitely feel and see it. People should know the value you bring!”more

Bojana Jankovic, M.D. & Michael Weatherly, NCIS & Bull Actor

Lifelong Traumas Healed in A Few Months Time

"Dr. Meg took me through her 'Whole Person Integration Technique' process over the course of a few months and I came out the other side with my past traumas resolved. I had been in a place of PTSD and an inability to return to my 'normal' self. I didn't even realize that I had spent most of my life in this place of trauma. I can honestly say that I am healed and I am so in a place I have never been in.  I have peace and feel able to move on in my life. 

Dr. Meg is an expert at healing, both with trauma and with intuition and energy. I can't recommend her more. I never thought my life could be like it is now. I never thought I could move past my childhood and adult traumas in the way I did. And it did not take very long at all, just months, not years the way traditional therapy seems to go. To be able to move stuck emotions out of one's body is an amazing healing modality that no one should live without. It is simply freeing and healing in a way I don't think we even consider in our culture.  
If you are considering working with Dr. Meg, you have come to the right place. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and is a sensitive, caring, professional healer. Definitely give it a try.  You will be so glad you did!"
Cynthia F., New York

Gluten Allergy Resolved and 20 Pounds of Baby Weight Lost!

“The lovely Dr. Meg Haworth was able to help us navigate very picky eaters and very strange dietary requests. She helped us learn the ease of the gluten-free diet after my son was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. It was such an easy smooth transition because of her love, help, and support. She methodically helped me to lose about 20 pounds of baby weight, I thought I would never take off. I not only took off that weight, but it never came back!!”more

Stephanie Wing-Garcia, Producer and Michael Garcia, Producer, Devious Maids

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